Wednesday, November 30, 2011

check out a nice cheap rack

This is the type of rack/shelving I like to use at home (sturdy, easy to assemble, heavy duty). The ones I have right now are polished/chrome and I couldn't be happier with how they work out. Lowes has them on sale (right on the homepage, middle left), in black as pictured for $49 vs the usual $79. I know a nice rack when I see it, even if it's cheap, so I got 4 ready for pick-up at the closest location (free in store pick-up instead of shipping charges). With each rack I only use 4 shelves (this will leave me with 4 extra shelves), I can pick up one of the smaller size racks later for around $35 and use the large shelves and save money.
With 2 of the new racks I will replace some metal with wood racking that will not only free up space, but give me more actual shelf space for stuff. One of the remaining racks will be full as soon as it's up, I ordered a lot of sale food this weekend (33 #10 cans of freeze dried stuff will take up about 2 shelves) and now that I have more space I can continue to pressure can. I will also put some more dog food in storage, the new boy eats twice as much as the other one.

I also got a year end bonus, something I really enjoy but never count on at all. That will go to fixing the rod knock on my Discovery. One of my bestest friends owns his own repair shop so I will help him fix it, learn how to fix it, and get a good price on the things I need to buy or labor I have to help with.
I'm also going to get a visa gift card from work that I'll use on some much needed ammo, my .357 and .38 seems a little low. I'm going to give myself $600 at Christmas for a new weapon, perhaps an AR, perhaps a better conceal carry. It's the season for giving and being thankful and I haven't gotten a new weapon in years.

Tomorrow is adoption day, signing the papers on the new family member to make it official. Today I'm adding him on the pet health insurance policy.

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  1. i love those racks - they are great for everything and sturdy as heck!

    sounds like your new addition demands it ;-)