Friday, November 4, 2011

Nuovo post!

Here is a picture I was sent showing someone making good use of the hot dogs at home!
That's my boy!

Rome is exciting and disappointing all at once. Everyone smokes, it's like a cloud when you step out of the hotel. YUCK!
The ancient monuments are amazing, but it's so obvious they are only repairing them or keeping them around to make money. It's hard to get a picture of anything ancient without some light, wire, gate, etc. in the way. Plus all the people who really don't care about the history and just want to look at stuff in a tour and are so obviously not interested in what is being said. I want to spend months here learning about every little statue and building and ruin, but I'm on a whirlwind trip!
Punch to the junk.
The plane ride over sucked, but I refuse to pay $8k a ticket for first class. The food is great of course, here is a lunch from today:
Very simple food, just my style. We are going to some nice place tonight I'll try to get a picture if I remember. I took a few hundred today at the Colosseum, tomorrow is the Vatican. Hopefully I wont be saddened over the money wasting away in Vatican city, but I might not get another chance to see it. If being here proves anything, it's that nothing lasts forever and building on top of stuff you just destroyed saves having to expand.
Found a nice park without many people for a run. Got lost for a while and ended up at some embassy where the guys with guns were not friendly.
Museum of Modern Art, and a humid sweaty me.


  1. sooo nice to receive an update from you! sorry about the smoking - but that is THE only thing i like about europe - you can still smoke! again sorry about that!

    extended plane rides tend to suck - unless you are one of those weirdos that likes to fly - not me! i flew from canada to australia and back and it is something i will never repeat.

    did you see any good movies on the flight? care to provide a review?

    your lunch looks awesome - i like straightforward, simple food too!

    anyway - nice to hear from you and hope that the rest of the trip makes for some good blog entries!

    be good!

    your friend,

  2. I saw harry potter and the wizard who never hits puberty part 1. Guess you don't need a review from me after that title.
    I did see another movie but it couldn't have been very good if I can't remember it a few days later.

    Don't worry about the smoking, it's just a thing with me. There are many people who smoke that are considerate of others, just not here.

  3. good looking lunch max!

    glad you found a place for a run - were people looking at you funny?

    i did a 2 month stint in Paris 15 years agao and there was a park good for running near where i was staying - they looked at me funny... i also brought my mountain bike over and biked all over the city - that got me BIG stares ;-)

    when you back?

    our cats won't eat hotdogs...