Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guard up!

In all the craziness this time of year, and especially in my life right now, I made a sign on the inside of my front door that says: Keep your guard up.

It's easy to be complacent and forget to do things like:
Scan the parking lot when you come out of a building or store
Lock your car when you get inside, before you start the engine
Park away from the majority of vehicles so you don't get blocked in
Know where and how many exits a building has that you are going to be in
Sit so you can see the exits if possible (I call it the paranoid corner)
Keep your fuel tank over 1/2 at all times
Change your get home bag to season appropriate clothing (can't get home if you are Frozen!)

I think we all need little reminders about things, and sometimes a sign on the door you see on the way out is the best.
Other signs I made this year:
Don't ruins the gains you made today, tonight
Skip a day and do twice as much tomorrow
Can't shoot someone if you don't have your gun

Funny stories for each of those signs, but probably only funny to me.


  1. excellent and timely post my friend! Rob over at Rob's bunker put up a post the other day (http://robsrangers.blogspot.com/2011/11/black-n-blue-friday.html#comment-form that raised my hackles and got me to thinking about how complacent i had become. situational awareness is a skill and like any other has to be practiced all the time until it becomes second-nature. physical security is something that only you can provide to yourself! fuel, BOBs and all of the rest are things that we have to stay on top of daily so thanks for the reminder!

    would love to hear the funny stories about the signs...and no worries - if they are only funny to you, i'll let you know!

    hope you are okay after almost being flipped out of your chair - teehee!

    your friend,

  2. Thanks for the reminder.

    Wife demands Macy's this weekend, so front range, here we come!

  3. MudBug- I have a can of bread for you still, I'm a man of my word even if I still cant stand LSU...

    Kymber- Perhaps I'll tell one of the stories this weekend when I catch up on everything now that new dog Rock is calming down.