Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vatican museum, or my lack of religious knowledge.

It started to rain so everyone ran inside and crowded the place, making great photo's really hard. Nothing like trying to take a picture and having 500 people behind you ready to trample. I had to get outside, rain or not, more than a few times so I wouldn't lose my mind. The Sistine chapel was amazing, and really loud. The rule is no photo, video, or talking and OF COURSE everyone broke the rules. I don't care if you are religious but you should at least have some respect for the situation and the rules.

I won't add text to all the photo's, I really don't know what a lot of the stuff is and won't pretend to know the religious context of a lot of it. I only went to church to sing in the choir and to eat food at the pot luck. I was there for the art, the Roman stuff mainly, but at least I didn't come away hating religion more... it really wasn't lined with stolen gold.
 Saint Peters dome, I think. I told you I don't know this stuff.
 All kinds of ancient Roman treasures line the halls. The marble and such used to be on the Coliseum, but was recycled (or stolen, depending on your view). Each item has the Pope's name etched on it, so everyone knows who's reign it was added to the collection under. I thought they were supposed to be humble, but as I said.... I don't know about religion.
 Fantastic sculptures, this one is about a serpent killing a guy. This was supposedly the inspiration for Michelangelo to really get the bodies and anatomy correct for all of the sculptures that he did.

 I really liked this one, it seemed like it was full of agony and suffering and beautiful at the same time.
 Romans killing babies (I think they said they were killing them since they were Christian), the entire tapestry has silver strands woven in, it was amazing.
 Ceiling of one hallway, amazing work.
 End of a hallway, over the doorway, this is the crest of some pope (if I understood it correctly)
 Saint Peters square.
 Don't hate, but this is supposed to be some really religious sculpture by Michelangelo, it might be Mary holding Jesus but I'm honestly guessing.

 Here lies a dead Pope, awaiting the final years before sainthood (I think, lol).


  1. religious knowledge or not - these photos are fantastic! so beautiful! Rome is a place i have always wanted to visit, especially the Vatican, but now i feel that i have been there. cuz my friend shared what he saw. thanks buddy!

    your friend,

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    1. What was awkward, that you purchased something from yourself or that it was nude?
      I would say the first.