Monday, November 28, 2011

Terrible 2's?

First off, it's cyber Monday and after deleting all the crap from my email and getting work done.. I did the American and shopped at work. Walmart has the Tramontina 6.5 Qt Cast-Iron Dutch Over for $35, I just couldn't help myself.

The new dog is really a new puppy even though he is 2 years old. It was a hell of a long week and weekend but I think he has finally settled down some. All he has known for 7 months is getting out of a cage to play OR be trained with treats as a reward.
I'm not a treat train kind of guy, especially for 7 months. I also never wanted a puppy, especially an 85 pound bulldozer puppy. Oh well, it's still worth it even if it changes my entire routine (really, do people eat at the dining room table anymore... I do now!). It's been tough prepping for the dog, and then getting him, so I seemed to have missed on Thanksgiving and didn't even eat half of my plate of food. Rock is worth it (renamed from Rocky since it's too fight movie oriented).

Speaking of deals, I managed to get some #10 cans ordered ( sale ends today fyi) in between puppy chasing. I was able to snag some things for such a good price it's better than getting it locally or storing it on my own. I still need to hit up Lowes and get another shelf set, maybe I better buy 2. I also hit up holiday sales at a few grocery stores to get canned goods at some silly prices. I stocked up on canned pumpkin, blackberries, blueberries and some apple and cherry pie filling. I normally bake everything from scratch, fruit included, but the prices were too good to pass on especially for 3+ years of storage life.


  1. i want to hear more about the new "puppy's" sure do have your hands full but my goodness - he's gorgeous!

    your friend,

    (p.s. - good deal on the Dutch Oven!)

  2. Antics...
    how about last night when I was ignoring him so he started to chew on Luke's ear prompting me to give him attention or get a vet bill.
    or going into the living room and seeing him on the coffee table moving things so he could lay down there.
    or being in my office ignoring him when he wanted attention so he started to chew on one of the levers of my chair causing my chair back to lay down suddenly and almost flipped me over backwards.