Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The almosts

I'm not complaining that I'm busy. It's interesting that this time of year is usually my slowest time at work but for some reason everything is going on. I had planned to head back home to New Hampshire in January but I'm glad I didn't buy the ticket, would have been a waste.

I've been spending some time finishing up my list I made in July, on things to get done before the end of November. The only thing I have really failed on was getting a couple of solar panels up and running to charge some batteries I run emergency lighting on. I have a massive trauma pack I just finished finally, as well as adding another 50 gallons of water into storage. My food supply is silly and I just keep building it up, but it's really nice to grab 99% of whatever I need for cooking/eating without leaving the house.

If you are a freeze dried food fan, Shelf Reliance has some really good deals this weekend. I'm not involved in the business, nor a consultant, I just like the stuff I get from them. I rotate a lot of stuff into my normal food consumption, the freeze dried just takes a little longer as it sucks up some water.

Since I'm a picture guy, here is Rocky. Rocky should be moving in on Friday afternoon. He is 2 years old and has been at the rescue organization about 6 months since he is a pit and isn't the color most people like (white isn't the most scary color in a dog).
Here is a picture of my dog Luke. He wasn't really excited about the bath, but I had him in a good location so he could check out the lady dogs as they walked in!
He is truly a hound.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. soooo glad you have a new friend!!

    happy thanksgiving form both kymber and me!!