Saturday, November 24, 2012

Red Dawn, or how I wasted my day

When half the people I know don't want to see a movie, maybe it should ring a little bell in my head. Instead I wasted $7 on a movie that only had a few good moments. Sure, I knew the Titanic would sink but it was still a great movie.

Some people were kind and I have a few more followers. I'll try not to annoy everyone.

A great day to water the yard and watch some college football. Since I really did waste the day away, here are some fun pictures of my lazy Saturday.

 Luke doesn't care about being outside, the couch is more comfortable.
 Rock trying out his raccoon mask in hope he can sneak up on a squirrel.
 This no knead bread goes great with:
Irish stew (and a large bowl of it at that!).
More bread was made, good bread never lasts long.
Apple crumb, the in-laws placed an order and I'm sure there isn't any left.

I was successful in wasting the day away and yet getting so much done. There is football on right now that needs me and I have a workout at the gym in a few hours. I should take a nap, I'm 40 after all and it's hard being this old....


  1. Hope you didn't spend your football time watching Air Force and expecting a win! I was at the game and I thought it was great. Perfect weather and a league championship. The Irish Stew looks good and will be tomorrow's dinner.

  2. We have enough stew for today, 3 days for 2 people for less than $10. I hope you like it.
    I was hoping the Irish would fall, I like chaos in the rankings. At least it was a good game.

    There were some great games yesterday, it was a good day to waste my brain cells.

  3. i don't really care about the red dawn re-make or the football - but that stew and all of the bread - yummeh!

    your friend,

    1. Stew is officially gone. I can eat the same thing for a week, someone else can't stand that. Tonight is the usual Sunday night dinner: drumsticks, mashed 'taters, peas.