Sunday, November 4, 2012

Post number 2, welcome home

For the first time since my military days, I drew my pistol with the intention of having to use it.

I wasn't even home 12 hours, but there is no rest of situational awareness or preparedness. We had just left a store where I picked up a new toy:
I know the picture is hard to see, but it's a .308 DPMS rifle. I've been saving up for a longer distance rifle that wasn't bolt action. This was on sale and had everything I was looking for, and they just happened to be out of the M&P shield in 9mm that we went to hopefully purchase. I will order a few things for it this week.

We left the store and I was in the right lane with a few cars on my left and behind, 35mph area. I see someone in the middle of my lane as we round a corner (in a not so awesome part of town), so I let off the gas thinking he was crossing the street and would be on the curb in no time. I'm now going slow and can see he isn't walking across the road, just sort of standing there so I am almost at a complete stop when he starts waving his arms around and stumbling towards the drivers side of the car.
I already know I'm blocked in with other traffic, I already know the doors are locked, and I am in a spot where I can't curb hop to get away. As soon as he took 1 step towards us, the brakes were applied and instantly I had drawn and racked a round in the chamber, with the gun just below the top of the dashboard. Someone else in the car had a holster unsnapped and ready to draw as well. The man stopped suddenly and walked off the street, out of the way, and I nailed the gas.

While I'm sure there wasn't any real threat, that's hindsight. Perhaps mentally disabled, perhaps drunk, perhaps thinking someone would stop so he could ask for money, perhaps it was going to be an ambush. I don't know and everything worked out ok... it was just a HUGE reminder to always be ready. I was really surprised how smooth and fast it happened, it's not something I practice while driving or in the driveway.

With the particular setup and holster I had on today, I don't keep one chambered, I don't like the idea of having a loaded gun aimed at my nether regions when I move it out of the preferred car driving position on my belt. There is no snap or strap, it's a perfect smooth pull holster that I love for driving around (or being a passenger).

What else... I have leaves all over the yard, the 2 people I was going to overpay (by a lot) failed to do more than 20% of the yard, so they will not get paid unless they finish this week. I can do it myself but am trying to help out a couple of kids who can use the money.
.308 is $1 per bullet, I purchased 5 boxes of 20 and that shelf was bare. They didn't have any 5.56 unless I wanted the Tulammo, but that doesn't shoot well in my carbine.

Be prepared, be ready and listen to your instincts. While this particular situation turned out to be nothing more than a conversation piece, there are plenty of stories all over the country that don't turn out so well.


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    Thanks and have a great day!

    1. I was thinking how unreal my day seemed, and then you made me realize the unexpected can happen all the time.
      Not that I'm interested in adding any links to my dear diary blog, but there isn't anyway to email you anyhow. Your insurance.png avatar doesn't inspire hope either. You should run for office.

  2. oh Max - good and quick response! i am sure that when it was happening it was all very quick and scary! you are right when you say to be prepared, listen to your instincts and be quick to respond. i am glad that the incident turned out to be nothing more than a story to tell in the future. good job!

    and bahahahahaha at Ms. Taylor! your friend,

    now off to read the Mexico post!

    1. It's funny to me how unreal some of my life is. I don't think I could sit around and make this kid of stuff up, but it happens. I often feel like a magnet for the oddest things.

  3. It certain does happen. Similar thing almost happened to me and my wife this past June with a group of three Mexicans in a mall parking lot. I was going for it when I think they realized I was armed and decided it wasn't worth their getting hurt.

    It was over and done with in seconds....

    1. BTW is that .308 considered a high end weapon or a moderately priced one?