Thursday, November 15, 2012

6 weeks at the gym

It seems like forever ago that I stopped trying to run hundreds of miles a month and began dedicating that time to the gym. My core strength was lacking a lot, it made my running form go from laughable at the start to horrible a few hours later.
I miss running for hours on end, I miss the alone and quiet time to think and scheme and plan. The gym is filled with a majority of people who bullshit too much, do a lot of things the wrong way, and/or strut around wanting everyone to see how (insert descriptive word here) they are.
How do these people not break a sweat?

I'm there for 50 minutes or so and my shirt is completely soaked. I may look silly doing some low weight and a lot of body weight stuff, but I'm working my ass off. When I am doing handstand pushups, there is a pool of sweat on the floor from where it's dripping off my face. If I talk it's usually 4 letter words directed at myself. I often channel the anger at not being able to do something and it helps me continue.
Inner voice: "Really, it's just 10 more dead lifts, if you can't do these how can you expect to run away from the zombies when you really need to do it?"

I've had a good transformation in these few weeks, I'm expecting big things by the end of the year. My running has really taken a back seat, I'm only hitting 5 miles a week... maybe less. I'm feeling better and even sleeping a little better as well... and best of all I don't feel like it's a second job. Being prepared means a lot of different things to each person, but if you are not physically prepared then perhaps a lot of other things don't really matter in the end.

Having a route from your work to your house that can leave you virtually undetected (google earth help with this kind of plan) is great, but if you can't physically walk the route right now then how can you walk it with gear in a time of crisis?

This weekend is firearms practice, canned good expiration date check and some grocery store stock up. Lot's of great sales starting for the holidays, it's pretty amazing how much food you can get right now. I shop at Albertsons and they have a lot of $1 items right now. Canned goods, starches, bag of X... I'm probably going to scrounge up $100 and see how well we can do.

I also have to vacuum and mop. Why won't the house self clean.


  1. When you figure out how to get the house to clean itself let us know! Holiday time is a great time to shop for food that rarely ever goes on sale any other time of the year.

    1. I'll indeed let you know. Perhaps I can train the dogs! Somehow I agreed to "I'll do the laundry, you do everything else" a few years ago.

      I must have been trying crack out that night or something.