Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Giving up my favorite shotgun and new additions

It's Father in laws 83rd (maybe 84th actually) birthday this weekend. The whole family will be there and he asked for suspenders. He also asked for a shotgun, just so he could pump it and scare people away. I told him nothing scares someone like a large hole in the door.
We didn't want to spend a ton of money on something that wouldn't get used (hopefully), so we decided my office buddy would do the trick. I love my 20 gauge, it's so tiny and lightweight and the sheath straps to the side of my get home bag just right. I will miss my shotgun, and I will miss seeing it behind my chair. For now my Taurus subcompact will sit behind my chair.

It was a MAD MAD WORLD at the gun store today. I honestly went to check some bulk ammo prices to see if buying local would be about the same as shipping it in. People were tossing credit cards around, one guy said "max it out, I don't care!"
I watched half a pallet of 5.56 vanish in the hour I was there, I can only imagine what it will be like this weekend with payday and people being able to actually get to the store.

The owner of the store saw me and came over to say hello. I've been doing business with him for 17 years and he knows I don't browse. I told him I wanted to check out ammo prices and to see if our names had been moved up the list for the M&P Shield 9mm. He did have 2 Shields that just showed up and weren't tagged for anyone and he would give them to us. I don't always buy my stuff from him, sometimes it's cheaper down the road, but I always give him a shot and at least buy all my ammo there at a minimum.
This is my M&P Shield 9mm and I just happen to pick up a Mossberg Plinker (.22) while I was waiting the 45 minutes for a background check. The wait later in the day was hitting 3 hours I was told. I didn't take a picture of the 2nd Shield, it looks the same.
Bulk ammo was a little cheaper than shipping it in, so we picked up 2000 rounds of 5.56 and 500 rounds of .308
To replace my .20 gauge we decided to step up and get another 12 gauge. This is the Mossberg 590 with heat shield and Insight slide light. Our current 12 gauge will become my new office and sheath shotgun once we get a synthetic slide, this new model will soon have a collapsible stock installed.
I also got a package today with these fun toys. 70,000 cubic feet of white smoke per, pull ring igniter. Now I'm hunting for need to find some Molle pouches for them to hook onto my vest. I've seen some videos on the volume of smoke they produce, and I'll test it myself next time I'm out in the boonies so no one thinks the house is on fire.

We feel comfortable with the preps we have for firearms and ammo, but have been wanting to add to the supplies a little. It wasn't panic buying, just things that we had planned that happened sooner than we thought they might. This will put off a generator purchase for a couple of months, unless I can't find any long term food storage black Friday deals.

The election happened, there are a lot of people freaked out and very angry. No need to get worked up, if you think you need preps then get them. I'm just going about business as normal until the situation demands otherwise.

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