Sunday, November 11, 2012

Get that oven cranking!

It was a brisk 28 degrees this morning and I let myself sleep in a little. I am sore from the gym so it was nice to stretch out with the doggies for a few extra minutes. Sleeping in for me means 8am if I am lucky, sleep doesn't come easy and when it becomes light outside my body says it's time to get up.

Alabama lost yesterday, they really beat themselves in the end. it wasn't a very good game to watch, the ending was even worse. I thought Oregon was going to have a tough game, guess they finally got the lead out and it was nothing but ducks zipping around on the field. I like football, it's something to do when I haven't figured out what book to read  next. I have 2 at home I need to read and another 6 that should be delivered on Monday.

Today I got some baking done (it's not even noon yet), adding the oven heat to the house on a cold day doesn't hurt one bit.
 I love bread, fresh from the oven. The way it makes the house smell can't be beat. We have a lot of windows in the kitchen so I put the dough in a cabinet so it will rise. The hot water baseboard heat is really nice, but the water piping in the lower cabinets makes for warm dishes and great bread.
 Nothing in the world makes better toast than bread you made yourself. My bread machine doesn't even come close to the taste, but it's much more convenient when you don't want to fuss over the entire process. This is a basic white oatmeal bread so I won't post a recipe, easy to find. We don't eat much processed food, I'm amazed the things you read on an ingredient label.
 Apple crumb pie! I wanted pumpkin but the other side of the family doesn't like it a lot, so this is my contribution to the birthday dinner. I prefer a crumb style pie vs. a traditional top crust. It's about 1/3 less flour but it doesn't always keep the juices contained on the edges. This is a recipe from my 1953 cookbook, the bottom crust is from scratch with only the best ingredients (1.5 C flour, 1/4 tsp. salt, .5 C shortening, 5 Tbs. cold water).
Finally some Amish bread starter was made. I'll have 8-10 loafs in 10 days and then I can send some out to a blogger in CA, I just haven't had time to get it started but enough with the delays!

It's Veterans day. I'm glad I'm in doing ok, not everyone can say the same who served. There have been a lot of sacrifices over hundreds of years, I'm thankful to those who came before me and those who are serving or will eventually serve. Regardless of political or personal opinions that people have, These United States of America are worth it. Father in law served 2 tours in Korea, he was one of the lucky ones to come home, so even if I don't like hanging with the entire family.... he has damn well earned it.


  1. thank you so very much for your service Max...i truly appreciate that! Happy Veterans/Remembrance Day! i thank all veterans on this day.

    your friend,

    1. Thanks, it was certainly one of the best times in my life.

  2. I told the kids I wanted to sleep in today. That meant only coming in to ask me things three times between 6 and 7. After all, they were letting me sleep! The pie looks delicious! I think I will make a pie today as well. Thank you for your service to our country.

    1. Replace kids with dogs wanting to do stuff and I understand. Rock gets bored... wonder if I can teach him to read.
      The pie vanished after dinner, I was left with a dirty pie plate. I don't mind, I had a slice and don't have to keep it around while I'm working out this week.
      I hope your turned out just as nice.