Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Barkday?

Today is a special day for us, it's both of our boys barkdays!

Sure, they could be birthdays but we don't know when they were born. Instead we celebrate when they came into our lives and graced us with barks.

We found Luke 8 years ago on the way to Thanksgiving dinner. We tried to get him in the car and he wouldn't come so I said let's go, can't rescue them all. The game being over he hauled ass and leaped into the backseat. We took him to the Humane Society but they were closed and the after hours rescue drop off was locked. He decided to let me know that I was his owner... he pee's on my foot.
His original owners were visiting the area when he dug out and escaped. He must have heard them talking about returning him to the shelter since he was getting too big for them and they were afraid their landlord would complain.

Rock (as some of you know) was a rescue last year after our beloved Tobie passed on after a long battle with leukemia. Rock was more than a handful at first, and honestly still is a little big for his britches at times but he has become a wonderful addition to our family. He spent around 9 months in a rescue shelter apparently just waiting for us, he didn't like anyone else at all.

Apple crumb pie, oatmeal white bread x 2 and no knead pan bread has been done this morning. The turkey goes into the over in a few minutes. I also made some barkday treats for the boys!

That's right, I have dog bone, dog house, dog paw print and sitting dog cookie cutters. Don't you?


  1. thank you for joining my site and your wise comments. And a mazal tov to the little guys!

    1. The boys appreciate the congrats!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Max, don't eat too much turkey, I did! :")
    Don't you just love dog, cats, whaever when they show up at the door, or on the road, have several.
    Yes, I have doggie cookie cutters too.
    Have a wonderful weekend

    1. I knew someone would have them other than me!

      Didn't eat too much Turkey, just enough at dinner to last until after my workout in the morning. Unexpected 4 day weekend, forgot I have tomorrow off.

  3. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I have a fire hydrant cookie cutter for Big Dog and Yip-Yip.