Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mexico picture post

This is the picture post. I didn't take a ton, once you've seen it a dozen times you sort of stop with the camera clicking way. I also opted not to purchase a new underwater camera or housing, I have so many awesome diving pictures I figured they were good enough and just enjoyed the dives without worry about a camera.
I saw all the usual creatures from turtles to sharks to eels. The first few days were rough waters, with the last few calming down to what we are always accustomed to.
While the trip was relaxing and great, we won't go back for several  years. After skipping a year and having a crappy time in Honduras, we figured it would somehow be awesome back in Cozumel. It wasn't, so we are going to take a year off from diving and then hit somewhere new.. if the world stay afloat.

 I have no idea. I'm not usually at a loss for words, and I'm sure there is some meaning to this display but... well loss for words.
 Sunset one night from downtown.
 Brazilian Navy strolled into town looking very prestigious in formation on deck.
 If you are going to eat ice cream, you better not let the cone man get you.
 From our favorite breakfast place, right next to the Cozumel Naval building. The dock farther South usually had 2-3 additional cruise ships there every day.
 View from our room.
 From the back of the dive boat, heading out for a few hours of nitrogen narcosis.
 Out to sea looking West.
 I am smiling.
 The pool in the center of the hotel area. This was fun to do laps around the entire thing instead of my usual 75 feet and back again.
 The last night was the best sunset of the entire week.
 Even the clouds looked amazing.
One more shot, same night.
Finally, the last shot.


  1. teehee...i love the pic of you "smiling". and holy that display some kind of weird mermaid baby Jesus in a manger thing? wtf???

    the pics are awesome especially the sky pics.

    your friend,

    1. totally wtf on that picture of the transexual mermen with nipples and no arms....

      One of the best sunsets I can remember from Cozumel, ever.