Friday, November 9, 2012

Family prepardness weekend

It's father in laws birthday, everyone will be there and the subject will no doubt turn to politics and then to things in the preparedness area. We have been down this road about 6 months ago, and 6 months before that.

One brother in law said he was going in on some bug out land with a guy who is a real survivalist and even owns an AK-47

One brother in law said he wanted to get some food storage and weapons, but the only thing he has done in 6 months was snag an AR.

Sister in law thinks that father in law will shoot mother in law if we give him my 20 gauge, or one of the grand kids... to the point she will have a heart attack if we actually do it when she is there.

I'm always torn how much to say, or how much to help. It's obvious to me that they, like many, are more about talk than about action. I'm an action guy, the only talk is about how to be better prepared and what things we need to add to the stockpiles. I don't want to sit around talking about all kinds of stuff, and giving everyone great ideas that I know won't get acted on. I did a ton of stuff this week and added a lot of supplies, I bet all they did was watch whatever crap was on TV abut dancing, moms, stars, etc. Chances are none of them watched doomsday preppers in hopes of getting 1 single idea.

I also really have an issue with brother in law #1 that I haven't been able to overcome, so I don't really care if he/his family are prepared or not.

I already made it very clear that we don't have much ourselves and I will turn away anyone who shows up thinking otherwise. We have the smallest house and when relatives are over there isn't anything to see. Sure, we are always armed, but it's Colorado and it's America! Father and mother in law are welcome, we have planned for them but still can't get them to work on food storage past having enough food for about 3 weeks.

I'm really not looking forward to this weekend, I don't want to seem rude but I'm going to just tell people to get off the couch and get stuff done. I know they can all afford to do it, even if it's all at once, they just don't really want to do more than talk. Maybe I can distract myself with football.


  1. Hmmm take off and fire your new .308?

    1. That's a great thought, but it's going to be a high of 28 degrees. Next weekend we are shooting. Just got my scope mount in the mail so I can reach out and touch someone with it.

  2. Max, Try to have a good weekend. Who knows ? Sometimes we make progress. It took twenty years, but I finally got my husband into preparedness. He doesn't agree with me on some things and there are disagreements sometimes, but at least he is no longer telling me these things will never happen.

    1. I'm sure I will have a good time, I'm positive there will be football to distract me.