Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Picture day!

Here are some pictures from the trip, completely out of order. I will get the real nice pictures up once I get the memory card dumped into this new laptop. Work is in overload mode after being gone and having another key manager gone as well. Perhaps not so much overload, maybe more drama mode... just tell me the problem so I can fix it. I don't need the crap just state the issue and let me solve it, I don't care about the rest of the story.

 Sunrise run on an off road trail. It rained the night before for a few minutes but it wasn't enough to keep the dust down. Each step made a small cloud of dust that eventually filled my shoes with sand. 64 degrees and you can see the kind of day we had with no clouds.

Rock doesn't like to 4 wheel, he doesn't appreciate all the jostling and bumping. Even with his harness he kept trying to get up front but he did like the rides to and from the trail and chasing bunnies on breaks. Panting mode was in full effect even with cold water to drink and breeze, he was too nervous to calm down at all.

Arches National Park, the in-laws said it was better than the Grand Canyon. That's me in the distance with the A/C on, Father in-law appreciated it even with a few clouds for shade. This was the coolest day at 87 degrees and we managed to get some pics of the in-laws on an overlook for the family to see.

Turned around on one trail after Father in-law couldn't take anymore, but it was still a great time and a good spot to take a picture. 94 Degrees and no shade unless you made it.

Not the best picture, but another sunrise run. This trail has several hundred foot sections of deep sand that made the run miserable and once again filled my shoes with sand. People pay for pedicures and can go running here instead and save! I think it was 58 degrees at the start of this run and 70 at the finish.

Someone we know was in Moab at the same time, so we hit up a trail. His rig looks small but had no problems on this trail since he is a very experienced driver.

I'm not going bald, my hair is just really short, summer haircut in effect. The inner panel behind the tires was vibrating and the screw holding it busted. This caused the panel to rub the inside of the tire on curves sending out a cloud of smoke. I couldn't get the broken screw out so I removed the whole fender and tossed it in the bed of the truck. The road was covered in fire ants so I threw an old towel down to prevent getting bit, those little guys are mean.

In other news the tomato plants are planted, they survived well while I was away and are in the pots looking great. The rest of the garden will go in this weekend, in between doing a promotion event for work. I'm looking forward to the relaxation my yard and garden will bring.


  1. Max - loooove the pics and want to see more! i have never seen country that looks like that with my own two eyes - i imagine it is every bit as impressive as the Grand Canyon. poor little Rock not liking getting bounced around so much! and i hear you about work drama - it can be quite draining!

    your friend,

  2. The town of Moab, Utah sits on a fault line, that's why the cliffs and rocks are so high.
    One side of the main highway into town is 2600 feet lower than the other as one plate pushed up the last time there was a fault shift.
    6 million years ago or so.

    Still, I wouldn't want to live there. Fault line with a dry climate. Still very nice to see!