Monday, May 14, 2012

The people at a baby shower

I always knew there was a reason I didn't attend such things like wedding, baby showers, bachelor parties, etc. I'm perfectly fine being social but I would rather spend the time doing other things, or things that revolve around my family.
I was introduced to a few people, and that turned into a 'oh you do X for Y company', would you be interested in sponsoring our softball team, or soapbox derby, etc. Lucky for me I had a hamburger so I could focus on eating that instead of talking. 30 minutes later I was in my car speeding away vowing to never do that again. The place was full of people overloading on soda and junk food and most of them looked like they couldn't get out of their own way if they needed to. There was no room for the baby, no crib set up, nothing. It seemed they were relying on the baby shower to provide everything they needed and then they would set something up. The baby is due in less than a month so I was/am a little confused, but then again forward thinking might be an acquired skill.
The fridge was empty at this house, they were looking for napkins and I saw the pantry and cupboards were just about empty. The had a huge TV, new landscaping and grass, and they even for the mother to be a new dress for the shower party. When I have any kind of space in my cupboard, I refill it and add it tot he list of things to get at the grocery store. I understand people don't think anything could ever happen but if we were going to have a baby I would have all kinds of things at the ready, and I would have started as soon as I got the news.

Back at the comfort of home, we assembled the front axles on a vehicle that had been on jack stands  for a week while we awaited parts. We had spare parts but the heavier duty CV's had to get rebuilt so we decided to wait, but could have easily had it up and running in the meantime. There wasn't a need and we don't leave for Moab until Wednesday so it was good timing. The clouds rolled in so we set up an awning type tent over the front of the vehicle to keep us dry while it poured rain. More snow in the hills and greener grass is always welcome, and of course the middle of May is known for 40 degree days at times. It took all day to get this done, usually a 2 hour max job, but we have a lot of things going on that really took the focus away. It's all positive and still distracting while everything gets finalized and figured out. It could mean having a nice spot of land, a cabin and being mortgage free in less than 4 years. I'll post on it once it's done.


  1. hey buddy - i hate baby showers, wedding showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties and like! soggy egg sandwiches and jello - no thanks. glad that you got to get out of it as soon as you could!

    ooooh....this is such exciting news - i can't wait to hear more!!!!

    your friend,

    1. Egg sandwiches should never be soggy, it's a sin I think. There was Jello, 3 different kinds if I remember right.
      The news is exciting but I'm a pessimist so until the papers are signed and even then there is a lot of if's to deal with. I'll post about it once the ink has dried.

  2. heh, I just don't like crowds period. The Human race sucks in general.

    I don't understand why people have their priorities backwards like you mentioned. I'll always make sure me and wife eat before anything else.

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself. I made pork chops last night and instead of making 3 (2 for me), I made 12. I'll grow tired of pork chops by Tuesday night but it only cost me $3 more for a large family pack.
      That's $60 saved in eating out, forward thinking.
      But yes, no diapers in the house unless someone got them as a baby shower gift. Silly.