Friday, May 4, 2012

bleeping sore

I simply can't take the easy route, the flat route, or the downhill route. I have to find the most challenging god awful terrain to train on. It does a lot of good, I know, but it took me almost 20 minutes to get up from the bed and to the shower this morning. Last night's run was a test of pure determination and the last mile was 100% powered by pure stubbornness.
My ultra runner friend is in Tennessee for a few weeks running a 1000 mile trail, trying to set a record on it. This is the kind of thing that motivates me to keep kicking my own ass up the mountain. I'm also hurting from other strength training, but at least with that I can just stop. When running if you stop it's still the same distance back so I just keep slugging along. Everyone has a motivation when doing whatever, train hard when you are doing it or you might as well not train at all.

Hit Costco last night and got a few things, getting some items used up in the last couple of weeks. Grabbed 12 pounds of ground beef to can this weekend and some instant lemonade for the in-laws. I picked up a bunch of cereal and stuff for my neighbors, he is finally working but it's slow still. 48 pop tarts for $5.99 was a nice bonus for their kids. They tried to pay me this morning but I just told them we can get together for dinner sometime. The job he has is slow right now, working basically part time but on call full time. They are lucky and don't have debt besides rent, food, gas, etc. No cable bill, no credit cards, car payments, etc.

My mind is battling my body right now, I want to run Pikes Peak tomorrow but my body might win out this battle. I'm also hungry and starting to get cranky. Time to find some Motrin.


  1. You're a good friend for help your neighbors out like that.

    If your that sore you can throw in 2 extra strength Tylenol on top of that Motrin. It's similar to what Excedrin does, just a little stronger.

    1. I'm feeling pretty good now that the day has progressed. I'll take some motrin before the run tonight and hopefully be gtg for the peak. Thanks for the suggestion.