Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day photo's

I spent this weekend doing some work, a lot of house and yard work, and spending time with the in-laws. Korea and Shield/Storm were all represented for dinner last night and we talked about my Dad who was in Vietnam. We shared some pictures from my Grandfather who was in WW2 and Korea and spent some good time talking about the old days and what it means to us to be American and to protect and defend the things we hold so dear.
Even if they are being stripped slowly over time.

The entire garden is finally done and I had to replant a few things after the birds got into one large pot. Luckily it was just some peppers and I have a lot of those in. I will be overloaded shortly with tomatoes and lettuce, followed close behind by radishes. The zuch, squash and cuc's will be a few months so in the meantime I will enjoy green, red and hot peppers in about 45 days. the pre planning worked out really well.

Here are the pictures from Moab, a week or so late.

Rest stop for lunch with rig #1


In-laws enjoying the view, 63 years together and still in love

Rock staring down a bunny

Luke staring down me

The end!


  1. that's quite the military family that you got there - i thank all of them for their service and sacrifices. i am glad that you had a nice Memorial Day Weekend with them!

    i love the pics of Moab - it is absolutely amazing!!! the dogs are really cute too! but i really love that pic of your inlaws - how wonderful to be together for that long and to still be in love!

    your friend,

    1. I don't think I've seen a couple that's been together for that long still act like newlyweds. It's sweet.