Thursday, May 24, 2012

How not to communicate in email

I just had to share, it's hard to imagine that the person who typed this out is around 35 years old. The only thing changed is x'ing out names:

so sorry, that was $ 15,000 xxxxx not $1500.00....  can I get a witness here!!!???? xxxxxxxx xxxx play.... google.... BTW... xxxxx is cratering for now.... I'm thinkin 90 days xxxxxx (xxxxxxxx) clause..... They talk the talk , maybe they walk the walk!???  Again , $225 or whatever.... WHY??????? I guess I missed th $500 deal ??? FROM FEB??????????? Where was I? In a coma????  DON"T make sense to dis nigga! yep I said it!........ Ok, an offer from FEB? at $500??? and we been stressin and pissed over xxxxxx offer at $225 ??? EXCUSE meee but HELLO??? So if we get an offer at $500  from FEB? EXPLAIN to this stupid ass cowboy (with a 3.7 gpa RETARD senior at xxxxxx) WHY???? are we fn with xxxxxx BS!!!???.... I'm done... This is STUPID! ...... Ya'll let me know... It's MFN common sense! And thanks for the $500 update from FEB... WTF? Seriously?...... FROM MFN FEB ??? WTF??? ...... Too busy for this BS! $500 and we been listening to this crap and stress over  $225... ??? Thanks again.   ;0)     unbeleivable... (sp?) whatever  pffft!

The best thing was he wondered if unbelievable was spelled wrong.
Imagine the xxxx's being people's names and it's even harder to read.

I always wanted to be a smart cowboy, now I know how to communicate like one. The figures are also ALL wrong adding to the misery.

My poor MFN head.


  1. bahahahahahah! but i am glad that he considers his spelling - bahahahahah!

    your friend,

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who found it silly.

  2. if you get these types of emails regularly - you need to share them - bahahahahah!

    your friend,