Monday, April 9, 2012

Finally organizing again

Long post.

There never seems to be enough room, so either I stop getting supplies or I make some other kind of change. I opted for the later and I began Friday night on a total reorganization of all of my food and water preps. I needed to make room for my new gun safe that was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but the store forgot they would be closed on Easter.
Forgot you are closed? Sigh. Not only did they forget they were closed but after standing there for 40 minutes being ignored and having other customers walk up and get helped I had a chat with the store manager. I told him I might look poor but I was there to spend $800 on a safe and after being ignored I wasn't sure I wanted to do business with them anymore. He took care of everything and gave us 5% off for the hassle. But even he told me we could pick it up Sunday. Attention to detail.

I removed a cabinet, cleaned and organized, moved all of the water. Assembled a rack and moved a bunch of #10 cans, moved the old rack they had been on and put dog food on it. Moved, shuffled, re stacked, etc. About 20 hours over the weekend went into getting all of this done, only a few hours left of minor things but the end result is going to be nice. I also hit up Walmart for some cheap sheets to keep everything covered from dust and people, I don't want a plumber to spend 5 minutes fixing something I can't and see everything I have.

After a nice Easter dinner with the Mormons, it was time to get some stuff into mylar. I don't do this too often, so I had some stuff backlogged that had to get sealed up. I use really large bags so I'm able to open and reseal them as needed, if needed.
I found myself short on some flour, sugar and elbow noodles so I will pick up enough this afternoon to finish 3 more buckets. I didn't want to use a whole bucket, absorber, bag, etc. on 1/2 a bucket. This was the end result, before the O2 absorbers sucked the bags in:
150 lbs. of food including rice, pinto beans and elbow noodles. This morning the bags were all sucked in, but one still needs a little more time before I put the lid on. I didn't keep track on the cost of all the food, but I think it was around $50, the elbow noodles being the most expensive since they don't sell them at Costco. You can see the covered rack next to the buckets, makes a clean look I think. I have some carpet someone gave me that I am going to cut up so it's a little more comfortable and home-like, although it's leopard print and should get some chuckles when I'm done. I will finish the buckets up, including buying a few more buckets: 35 pounds of flour, 35 pounds of sugar, 60 pounds of spaghetti noodles, 23 pounds of elbow noodles (just can't get 25 in). I will get pictures of the new safe and such when it's all set later this week.

I'm also buying a water filtration system, leaning toward a Berkey since the filters last a long time. Katadyn systems needs new filters every 6 months from what I can figure out. I have a gift card I can use on the Katadyn so it makes it a little harder to not buy it. I can get 6 filter swaps before I actually have to pay a difference vs. the Berkey. Tough decision, but one I'll make this week. I'm in fast track mode on some things, I feel really anxious about it all and I don't know why.

Can't wait to run tonight, that's going awesome and I'm having fun while doing it, again.

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