Monday, April 30, 2012

California, or all about me drinking too much

I don't drink much, if any over a given year. A few glasses of wine or a beer, but when you were a pro at one point, you can be a pro at any time you want.
The trip to Napa was great, lots of time with our friends at a few vineyards but our favorite was Kitchak Cellars. The owners are friends of our friends so we spent 6 hours there tasting and having a picnic at the lake on their property and having a super relaxing time. The wines were amazing, you can tell the care and love that goes into each batch when you have a small vineyard that doesn't sell to the general public. The 4 of us split 2 cases, waiting for them to show up so we can tap into a few bottles with some Mayan cocoa brownies I will make.
I drank a lot, but it was all good, none of this mass produced stuff and never enough to knock me out the next day. I got a lot of sun running around the city trying to find a running trail. I was shocked they didn't have a dirt path around the area, the running on concrete didn't go over well with my body but at least I got out a few times. The people drive way too fast so I was constantly trying to avoid getting hit and trying to take in the scenery. There is a great comfort to running around my own home on the trails,  feeling I can't get anywhere else.

It's good to be home and sober, back to the comfortable routine, and not having to worry about something happening when I'm several states away. I had some boxes at home with some goodies I added to the preps and had to add a lot to the inventory sheet. While I was on the plane and at the pool last week I read Ashfall and Lucifers Hammer, always fun to read prepping type books when you are away from home. If you haven't read either of those books, they are awesome. Ashfall isn't as well known and it's supposed to be for young adult readers, but it's a great read for old people like me. The sequel called Ashen Winter is due to be out in October.
The plane hit a bunch of turbulence right when I got to the part in Lucifers Hammer where the plane goes down... seriously, not good timing.

I almost got my garden done but decided to hold off for a couple of weeks, I'm worried about watering when I am out of town later this month. While I trust my neighbor friend to watch the house and dogs, I don't trust them to water correctly for a growing garden. I did get the yard done and got all the bare spots filled in. I'll try to make it to my usual blogs and say hello when I can, work is of course taking most of my work time up like usual.


  1. hey buddy - i am glad that you had a nice time and especially enjoying that wine from a private vineyard! i love red wine - it is the only alcohol that i drink and Shiraz is my fave - i would love to taste wine that wasn't commerically produced. sorry to hear that the running there wasn't fun - it sucks to be worried about traffic and running on concrete!

    here's an idea for your garden - get pop bottles or milk bottles or some of your stored water bottles. cut about an inch off of the bottom of them and take off the lids. then dig holes near your plants and put the upside down bottles in the holes. fill all of the bottles with water the day that you are leaving and/or ask your neighbour to fill the bottles when they are empty. the water from the bottles will trickle into the ground and if you are only gone for a week will do the trick. if you are gone longer, leave your hose in the garden and ask your neighbour if they wouldn't mind to top up the bottles. it only takes a few mins.

    again glad that you are back and that you had a nice time!

    your friend,

    1. The bottles are a good idea, but I think I'll wait. It's only a week or so late so I'm not worried about anything but a little bit of a late harvest.

      I could always send you a bottle, assuming I can ship it to Canada..?

    2. ugh - how sweet are you to offer to send us a bottle???

      seems like the Canadian Gov is pretty uptight about sending alcohol privately into our country - rats! but i really appreciate the sentiment!

      how bout every time you have a glass - you acknowledge one sip as being mine. i don't know how that is going to do me any good but it's the thought right?

      your friend,

    3. I'll just take a picture of it with a brownie and post it up. Almost as good as the real thing....