Monday, April 16, 2012

Taxes paid, project wine finished.

I'm so glad to have all of those boxes out of the kitchen and off the table. I ended up helping with it all, things go quicker this way and lead to more time. We visited the in-laws and some friends this weekend and a few bottles of the wine was consumed and a few bottles got poured out. People who collect wine for a long time seem to just be wasting money. You never know if it's going to be bad when you open it, you can only hope. The bottles that were bad were all worth over $100 each according to online auction sites for wine. Pass. We have 180 bottles left.

My taxes were exactly what I thought they would be, but the paperwork is just a pain. The Health Savings Account form is super confusing and it takes me the longest out of anything to get done. I only have to pay in about $1800 and I won't mail that in until tomorrow. I think I've paid in about the same for the past 5 or 6 years, it's better than getting a refund when you overpay all year. The Government is going broke and I think refund checks won't be available eventually, or the money you get will be (more) worthless.

I managed to put another 191 pounds of food into long term storage buckets. I even woke up really early on Sunday and opened a bucket of sugar that I had put an O2 absorber in on accident. Everything I have read said it turns the sugar hard and you don't need it, so I snatched it out and resealed. I then hit Costco and got some more canned chicken and salmon and a few other things I can't remember right now. Costco is great as long as you know the prices at other grocery stores, I was able to get 88/12 ground beef for $3 a pound instead of $5+. Shopping in bulk can add up fast if you don't pay attention and just buy on impulse.

The gun safe is finally secured to the floor and this was a 5 hour project. Normally a concrete pad is 4 inches, so we had everything we needed and drilled. When dirt started to come out of the hole we knew something was wrong. Our pad is only 2.5 inches thick, hooray for old houses jacking everything up I plan. A trip to Home Depot for shorter concrete bolts got it all finished, it just seemed to take forever when only one person can work in such a small area. The bad news is I have so much ammo I don't have the room for it in the safe. I'm going to take up my friend on the free safe he offered. It might not be as secure, but it will work great for keeping ammo temp and moisture controlled in something other than cans and buckets.

Next week it's off to CA for a few days in Napa Valley. I need some mental R&R, the guilt free kind where you don't wake up at 2:30 to see if the dogs want to go out. The kind where you can sleep in and not worry about things not being done that you had planned. Etc. I'm sure I will have a few drinks and enjoy some wine tasting, something I haven't done in a long time. The friends we are taking said they want to get me drunk, but that will not happen, it's a total waste to drink so much you can't enjoy it.

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