Thursday, April 5, 2012

Get busy everyone!

I sometimes wonder where the survival instinct is, do I just enjoy being lazy once in a while? I enjoy relaxing but I still get all the chores done so I suppose it's not really being lazy. I took 6 days off from running and whatever issue I was having with my left quad has been resolved but of course I felt like king sloth.
iPhone lens is jacked up, it's not your eyes.
With cooler temps I had no excuse and really need to get busy on the trails once again. I only put in about 140 miles last month, this month I'm shooting for 160 hoping my body will adjust correctly. I have a few 15 mile runs planned and next weekend I'm running Pikes Peak if the weather holds up until then. I want to start pushing the 200 mile a month goal in June, I just have to find a few easier routes so I'm not doing super intense mountains each night. I hope everyone is working on fitness on some level, if you can't get home with your get home bag you might as well not even have one.

I'm heading to Denver today for a few hours, wishing we could have corporate level meetings closer and without food. I don't know how people eat so much, a meeting from 1:00 to 2:30 shouldn't include lunch, they should just have the damn meeting and save 30 minutes. Everyone seems to think more people will come if they have food and I suppose that's true for the average person, people can't stop eating. 90% of the people at this meeting will be obese and they will all ask me about running and if my knee's hurt....

Someone from work got a company car stolen this morning. They wanted to warm it up and were only inside the house for 2 minutes. I feel sorry that they have to deal with the shit storm that is likely to come, but I have to deal with it as well since I have a company car. Can't manage to the individual, you have to manage to everyone so one person won't feel singled out. Lame.


  1. i couldn't agree with you more about people staying fit. the armchair survivalists and bug out people who, as you say, couldn't even carry their bug out bag shouldn't bother having one. yep, that's right, i can be mean!

    anyway - good luck with meeting your 200 mile month goal - that's a lot!!!

    as for food and meetings - don't even get me started!!! at my last job 9am meant everyone meeting at the coffee boat to eat their breakfast bars and muffins. 10am meant daily meet-up in the conference room where chocolate croissants and donuts were served. 11am meant mid-morning snack back at the coffee boat. 12:30 was lunch - it was great fun to watch the ladies, who hadn't stopped eating the whole morning, get out their 5lbs of healthy salads and spend 20 minutes "spraying" their low fat salad dressing. i used to get near batty listening to the "spray-spray-spray". i won't even go into how many times they ate in an afternoon!!! thanks for bringing back all of the good memories - bahahahah!

    sorry about the crap with the company car! your friend,

    1. It was the least I could do!

      I ended up with a work issue and got out of the Denver meeting, so I had a healthy lunch with a lot of chicken for protein and my prepper neighbor met me there and we had a great talk.

      I understand that it's a lot of work, eating better and trying to get healthy or in shape. I find satisfaction in the hard work but the majority of people in America don't.