Friday, April 20, 2012

California dreaming

Seriously, I had a dream about green rolling hills full of grape vineyards. I'm hoping to relax a lot next week, but this week isn't over yet.

Finished up the firearms inventory with my friend last night. 127 was the total count, about 40 of them have never been fired or unwrapped. There were about 20 collector editions, including some stuff from his Dad that was still brand new from the 1970's. I got to assemble the .50's, what a dream rifle for no other purpose than to just say it's cool. The bolt action was heavy, the semi auto was stupid weight, but once all rigged up on the table for a photo it was awesome to see. I think he has at least $60k in firearms, but there are some that need to be appraised and that number could possibly double.

I had a lot of fun doing the inventory, learning some history and sharing old stories with a friend. It's not everyday you can hold dual Colt day of the dead 38 super pistols in your hand like you are in a movie. Well I really didn't hold them, just fondled the plastic so we could take pictures.. but the thought crossed my mind!

Now I can get back to running. I told him I'll help move the ammo when I'm back from California. Don't want to hurt my back before I leave, he has a serious amount of ammo and those .50 rounds aren't light.

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