Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome to my kitchen

I started to get some more mylar bags into buckets last night. It was raining heavy outside (cheers!) so I wasn't going to run in a monsoon. I got the stuff on the counter and had one bucket set ready to be filled when the front door opens and I'm greeted with, "uh, I have a car full of stuff that we need to bring inside." Like an obedient and helpful dog I hauled the stuff in: lots of boxes full of booze.
Not just booze, but wine as well. Someone we know is moving and they don't want so much in the wine cellar, we are the lucky recipients. That's awesome if you drink, but it's not too bad to have in storage either I can't remember the last time I even had a glass of wine, I prefer my calories in solid form and if I'm going to take in crap then I want chocolate cake instead.
All of those boxes on the counter are wine, the box on the far floor is wine, the box in the lower is all booze. There are also 4 other boxes of wine that are on the dining room table. It's about 250 bottles of wine and 30 bottles of booze. Some of it is good, some of it is worth a few hundred a bottle, and some of it we already dumped out just by looking at the cork.
This booze festival isn't my project, I made it perfectly clear that I will help when asked but otherwise "I love you, you are on your own".

We now have the safe after a few days wait, and perhaps getting another. The same donor of the wine is consolidating from 7 safes down to 4 and offered us one for free. It's a nice safe but I'm not sure if it will fit, I'm honestly not trying to cram as much stuff into the smallest area possible. It just feels like that lately.
I'm hoping to have my kitchen back tonight so I can make some bread. I also have 8 buckets needing to be done for long term storage, hoping to have that done tomorrow. I'm not screwing around, I feel very anxious about making sure my food is well over the amount needed for a few years. Especially as I expand my circle of prepper friends who are not as ready, I have the feeling the burden will be on me.

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