Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sweet negative numbers batman!

Yes, brr! Something like -6 when the dogs went out at 2:30.
I turned the heat up last night when I got home, a toasty 66 in the house at bedtime and 61 when I got up. Old houses tend to have cold creep in, and it crept right in up next to the bed where the extra blanket kept it at bay.

I planned to run last night, but by the time I could get ready it was around 7pm and already negative numbers plus some wind. Good thing my running schedule doesn't really kick in until January, this month is maintenance miles. It's pretty difficult to go for a real long run in winter unless you make laps and I prefer out and back or a big loop, laps make me dizzy. My first big run is on Superbowl Sunday, followed by runs of 20+ miles each weekend with the first 13 of them gaining 3700 feet for a steady uphill grind followed by a quick downhill home if I have energy. I really want to drop an hour from my 25 mile run time at the end of April and get the good training for the 50 mile run later in the year. It's a lot of time invested not just in the running but stretching, travel, buying new shoes every 45 days, etc.

Broke into some supplies over the last few days so I wouldn't need to go to the store. The canned chicken from Costco is pretty good, I fried it up with some sesame oil and put it on some noodles. I have some real chicken breast in the fridge that I will make in the oven tonight with some freeze dried veggies and rice. I wish there were more options for meat for long term storage, freeze dried meat isn't cheap but it's about the only thing I've found that last a long time. I also got some #10 cans coming in for gifts to a few of my friends for the holidays, pancake mix and powdered milk can't be beat for a family of 6 for a hearty breakfast.


  1. -22 last night. -22 tonight. House gets down to 46 at night because I am too lazy to stoke the fire. Bedroom and bathroom at 65 thanks to radiant heat. Still cold, and I would like outside to rise above freezing soon...

  2. I figured you were about that cold, we will get a little warmer now, hopefully you will as well. It has it's charm but there is only so much I find charming when I'm freezing my ass off.

  3. It looks so peaceful from my window until I get the call that some sewer line is backing up. Then it sucks. I don't care how cold it is, it still sucks to get snow on your clothes while looking into a manhole. BTW, the smell isn't any better in negative weather.

    But it sure beats gnats, 100% humidity and 95 degrees at night.