Friday, December 9, 2011

Cookie coma

Seriously people, stop letting your wife cook. I have great willpower, but when they are standing there asking me if I like it, what can I do. Everyone knows I can cook so I am like the taste test guy.
Seriously, stop it. Can't live on cookies alone but today I think I'm going to try. STOP!

I'm fighting a cold, something else everyone likes to bring to work, so I took a night off from running and feel really good today. I slept really well for once, very not normal for me, nice to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the weekend. I'm going to hit a nice long run tomorrow morning, hopefully 2.5+ hours to restore my sanity. Keeping up with all the blogs and news can make for a weary mind, especially when it's powered by cookies.

I cranked up the propane heaters to make sure they worked and checked my propane supplies. I rotated 10 gallons of fuel storage that had been sitting for almost a year. I cleaned all my stuff out of the Discovery so I can tow it to the shop on Tuesday, I don't want to drive it and damage it anymore just in case. Having a dual axle flatbed trailer proves worth every penny a few times a year when I'm not hauling my toys around to off road. Always something to do to try and stay prepared, since you never know what or when.

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  1. teeheehee...i can see you all wound up by eating too many cookies! what kind were they?

    i hope you have a great run and i am glad that you are feeling better!

    your friend,