Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mountain house lasagna

I always wonder if people who have a lot of food in the house can never find anything to eat. I swear I am going to wear out the hinges on the cupboards sometime soon. I was done running, didn't have a lot to eat for the day and was scouring the house thinking I don't have anything to eat and there isn't any food in the house.

Seriously, what was I thinking. My creative process was shut down by my hunger, but I've dropped from 4500 calories a day to 2000 so it's a real struggle. I'm working my way back up slowly, in conjunction with my running plan. I really don't need 4k calories a day when I am only running 2-3 miles a day for the next few weeks. This really works great with my holiday schedule, I seem to be split between all kinds of things and places but I can always break time out for a 30 minute run.

Oh ya...

You may be wondering why this picture is sideways... well so am I. It's vertical on my desktop, online, etc. But blogger wants it to be horizontal and I can't seem to change it. Choose your battles.

I had a mountain house lasagna 2 serving pouch sitting around from a camping trip so I decided that would be dinner. Tea kettle whistles, pour in 2 cups of water and stir (then cuss at yourself as you pull out the oxygen absorber covered in melted cheese) and let sit for 10 minutes. I can eat anything, especially being from a poor family growing up and almost 10 years in the Army. The lasagna with meat sauce was actually really good and while I ate the whole 2.5 serving pouch instead of sharing, I wasn't hungry! I give this a good review!
In a real emergency or even a backpacking situation, it's not a lot of calories but it will keep you from starving and get you somewhat fueled up. I think making a side of elbow noodles and mixing it all in would be the perfect combination.

I've done 3 runs with my heart rate monitor and it's pretty interesting. I used to think I was working hard but it turns out I was backing off a lot on the hard stuff. Running up a steep hill seems like I am working hard but in reality my heart rate is LOWER than if I was running on a flat surface. Mentally I think that breathing hard and heavy legs means I am really trying. Now my effort is based on heart rate and I am literally taking minutes off my old record times. My old limits on effort are going away, it's good to get in better shape even though I thought I was cardio fit.

Speaking of running, new dog Rock was very calm last night downstairs while I was in my office, I was very proud of him. Then I noticed it's cause he was busy eating my running shoe. By the time I discovered it, he was doing other dog things so I couldn't really scold him, he wouldn't understand why. My fault for leaving them on the floor where they belong.... I think I can salvage it, will find out tonight if it will cut into my ankle at all. I will bring a blister pad just in case.


  1. my dear firend - i am just not into MH or any kind of freeze-dried food - blame it on the 10 yrs i spent in the military. you can make your own from scratch and it is so much healthier (you can add hemp hearts and flax seed to anything you can) and it is so much cheaper! but i am glad that you are enjoying yours!

    as for advice...whenever he seems quiet - he is up to something! it is better to have him running all over the house and upturning furniture than to be quiet!!! just my HO!

    your friend,

  2. Pre packaged food of any kind is never going to be as healthy or as good as fresh or self made.
    I'm going to make a pina colada cheesecake this weekend but I don't think it will have a long shelf life but it's going to be better than anything at the store.

    Rock had a great night last night, nothing destroyed. As spring gets here he can chase squirrels around the yard and get his energy out as much as he want. For now I have to put shoes on the table.