Wednesday, December 7, 2011

40 degree heat wave?

I woke up this morning sweating my ass off, forgot to take the extra blankets off the bed and the dogs were laying on me. Sometimes the middle of the week really slaps me hard in the face and I don't appreciate it so much. I wasn't late getting up but I forgot to get everything ready the night before and it was trash day as well. I had a bunch of cardboard boxes I had to set out, but I had to remove labels and stuff so it couldn't be identified as to what I had in the boxes. Anything that's a pain in the rear went in the car to the recycle dumpster at work. I'm not worried about people seeing I got a new cast iron pot, but I don't want people to know I got a new dewalt tool set (for example).

Of course my new dog would deter most people from venturing into the house if they broke into the fence or cut a gate lock. Rock's disposition is really sweet, but he has a huge bark and still makes me nervous when he is charging at me like a mack truck.
In fact he jumped up on my leg today while I was turning the power strip off for the TV and it threw me into the cabinet and the TV almost had an abrupt end... luckily the TV rotates on the stand. I let him know I wasn't pleased, but I also don't mind him jumping when I am ready for it. The last thing I want is either dog so obedient that they wont jump to protect, 2 large 85 pound dogs will buy me enough time to get a weapon when it's needed.

I had 4 large boxes waiting for me today from Fed-Ex, so now I can make holiday gift baskets with long term food storage. I'm so thoughtful, and since it was all on sale, I'm so cheap too! I'm going to send a nice box to my brother, who will hate the fact I'm sending food, but I'll toss in a Lowes gift card. I debated even sending him anything but I will do my part to keep good relations even if he doesn't want to really talk much to me or about my life.

It's 41 degrees out, feels like summer. I can't wait to run tonight, last night I was a minute per mile slower since I had to negotiate a few inches of snow and some icy areas. I'm going to get a 2 hour run done on Saturday, it's about all I can manage this month... kind of sad when 60 days ago my normal run was 2 hours. It's just my lack of motivation and BattleField 3 sucking me in. I'm starting to work my weekly mileage back up towards 50 but it's December so I will be happy with looking back and having an average of 30.

This movie is in town tonight, I might go see it for motivation: WS100


  1. Thanks! I've been trying to get a picture of him looking muscular and not all hamming it up for the camera.
    Plus if I step on another tennis ball at 2am I'm probably going to break my neck.

  2. Rock is sooo gorgeous - i love him - and want him! sorry to hear that he throws you into cabinets and tvs and stuff...oh well...such is the life with a rambunctious little fella!

    teehee...yer thoughtful AND cheap...yer a good and lazy Christmas shopper...but i like!

    your friend,