Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What do I pay these people for?

The phone call early Sunday morning from a work related number is never good, especially when you stay up really late Saturday night. The alarm at work is going off, and unlike a normal door sensor, this code is for glass break. The police have been dispatched and there are 2 command centers within 2 miles so I'm expecting someone would meet me there.
The owner and I show up a few minutes apart but the vandals are long gone, riding 2 bicycles they apparently needed more than we did. It could have been a lot worse, there is a lot to steal here, but we keep the building locked up internally as well dividing it into 3 sections. Customer information getting stolen is of course a nightmare but they were after the 7 year old cheap bicycles they must have seen when walking by the building.

When the police finally show up 30 minutes later they take us on our word we should be here at 5am, and there are no fingerprints to be done of the door, on the rock tossed in the window, etc. Lame, really. We pay to have police dispatching when the alarm goes off, I wonder if I can get my money back.
Had we shown up and needed the police, we would have had to handle the situation without them. It's another reminder to not count on anyone and to be prepared for as many situations as you can be. Having a no weapons at work policy really bothers me on a daily basis, but we had a good laugh that we both were armed. Perhaps now I can get an exemption to the policy.

The other bad part is the alarm company failed to inform us that the digital recorder for half of the 16 cameras had failed a week prior and was no longer recording or storing data for 7 days like it should have. If they know the system isn't working correctly, they should have told me and I would have made some changes to record only the important areas. The cameras look fine on the display, they just didn't record... It's not like it would have done any good, I just wanted to see the bastards in case they had worked here before (that's usually the case in business robberies not bank or medicinal related).  I wonder if I can get my money back.

On a positive note I got a heart rate monitor for my training runs and so far it's pretty neat. If I'm feeling like crap I can still have a good workout and I can really train the right way instead of guessing. The 50 mile training program I started is going to be hard but I'm determined to give it my best and hopefully see some huge improvements in my health and my running.


  1. oh this is awful! and i wonder what you are paying these idiots for too? is there any reimbursement or something? are they liable? negligent or something?

    good luck with the heart rate monitor and training...and keep us updated how its going!

    your friend,

  2. There is no liability or refund, I'm thankful it wasn't worse.
    Heart rate training is interesting, it's really pushing me when I already thought I was going hard. I guess I've been slacking a lot!

  3. We have a no firearm policy at work unless you are a peace officer. I figure that concealed weapon means just that...concealed. If a situation happens at work where I need to use my weapon then I suppose they can just write me up! Glad the bad guys left before you got there.