Tuesday, October 30, 2012

15kb per second

That's the amazing speed of the internet here in Cozumel, Mexico. I have to download 2500 emails so I figured I would make a blog post while I spend 45 minutes getting them into the laptop.

The weather is great, a little on the cooler side than normal but perfect for us. The sea is choppy making it a challenge for many in the dive group to get on and off the boat. Perhaps if they had both hands free instead of trying to carry everything at once... then again I have been called critical.

Diving is one activity that your weight doesn't matter, nor really physical conditioning. You just add more weight to your ear to get down to the bottom and you come up sooner by sucking down all the air in your scuba tank. I seem to get the tanks on the boat with the least amount of air in them, 5-600 psi less than they normally should be at, and we are still usually the last people on the boat. Diving should be relaxing, so we relax a lot underwater.

Deep cavern diving, wreck diving, 60 foot fast current drift dive... all the usual Cozumel underwater attractions. I'm getting lots of sleep, pumping your system full of nitrogen tends to have that delayed sleepy reaction for us. The hotel is nice, a new choice for us, but it's better than the usual. I would rate it 3 stars, the beds are as hard as the floor but the pool is large enough for me to do laps in for a workout. The food is pretty horrible, I read a lot of reviews that had raves about how awesome the food is, but it's mainly carbohydrate selections, and even those aren't good. I'm trying hard to stick to a 70/30 protein/carb ratio but it's not working out well. I'll be back on it next week.

I finished one book, Half Past Midnight, it was actually a pretty good book about life after a nuclear attack. It wasn't all gun and religion porn.
I started Founders and so far wish I didn't spend the money on it. I figured I would have learned, but I always hope I can learn something or get a great idea from Rawles. What I learned in this book is once again that I am doomed for not being a Christian. I also learned how to skip a large section on some couple and being Jewish... honestly I'm annoyed that the 3rd book isn't better than expected, lot's of things were rushed and I can't wait to finish the last 30 pages so I can just check it off my list.
"A young girl opened the door holding a ruger .22 magnum rifle from 1985 with a removable magazine and a 7x30 power scope"
"We are not Christians but we are catholics"..... "oh, come on in you are welcome in our house"

It seems there was something on each page that made me skip large potions of content. Holding Their Own III is also in my bag, the first two were good enough to make me order the third. I love to read next to the ocean on vacation.
The full moon is really nice, reflecting and dancing on the waves. I would post pictures but that's a lesson in patience I'm not willing to do right now.


  1. Thanks for the posting about Founders. I was going to wait until the price dropped. Perhaps I'll just read it at the library...not checking it out, just reading it there.

    I'll wait for pictures but expect to see some when you return!

    1. I'll have pictures up on Sunday if all goes well getting home.
      I wish I had better things to say about Founders, but I try to be honest. The whole series could have been 20 books if he wanted, and awesome, but instead fizzled out really fast.