Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Medical preps check

Ibuprofen, aspirin, bandages...

How about IV fluid? Can you give an IV, could you give one if you had written instructions... do you even watch when they draw blood and know the bevel goes up?

Antibiotics, splints, ace wraps, ice packs, liquid bandage, blood clot agent/pads, etc.

I was going over my medical preps and realize I have a ton of stuff but am short on bandages... the small ones that seem to get sucked into the void of used and never mentioned.  I know I have some but don't want to break into the improved first aid kit or trauma bag for them. It's funny the things we have and use and just plain forget to restock mostly out of laziness for not writing it on the dry erase board.

My IV fluids are set to expire next month so I'm in the hunt for some more. I know they are good for about 2 years after expiration, I have plenty of time but I would rather have more none. My lidocaine is going to expire as well, same deal on the 2-3 years good after expiration. I actually opened one up for my neighbor after she stabbed herself with some scissors close to a finger joint. It helped lower the pain around the wound and she was really grateful. This I wrote on the dry erase board, a topical local anesthetic is invaluable in my opinion.

I did offer to operate and stitch her up but I can't ever get a willing 'patient'.

I took inventory of my antibiotics; amox, cipro, peni, ampi. I also have some metronidazole, good for killing off tetanus bacteria (even a highlight on recently).

I made sure my combat lifesaver IV fluid instructions were in good order. It might take someone a few tries but they are really self explanatory. The entire combat lifesaver PDF guide is 27 files, 11.5 megs, but well worth the time to have on hand and printed out. I really don't remember where I picked it up but it's made it from computer to computer for a while.
I like to keep instructions on whatever medications I have around, including side effects and interactions. I also have a few books on natural healing, herbs and their medicinal uses, etc. I don't use oils and the like but if you have those make sure people can figure out what they do (too much clove oil can burn the inside of your mouth, something many people learn the hard way when they have a toothache).

I'm probably going to pick up some other fun stuff for medical preps at the end of the month in Mexico. I can get 100 quantity 800mg ibuprofen for about $6, plus all kinds of over the counter stuff.

If you decide to get fish/pet antibiotics, make sure the ingredient list is pure and it's from a major retailer or someplace online with a good reputation that isn't based off shore (and doesn't sell vicodin and the like). A good supply for medical preps isn't cheap, I bet mine totals up around $500 but it's super comforting to have around.


  1. wow. you are waaaay more medically prepped than we are. however, one thing working in our favour is that we are members of the Volunteer Fire Department and have key access to all of their medical preps. it feels like cheating but heck - they have all of the stuff that our community would need. so i am backing off of medical prepping. not saying i am not building our own stock pile - just saying that we already have access to a nice stock pile. keep up what you are doing are doing a really good job!

    your friend,

    1. Just keep the basics at least, never know when you Jamb will need a band-aid!

      I don't think it's cheating, you can be a prepper and a raider!