Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vegas pictures and time for home

Home will feel nice, for one day, then it's off to sunny Cozumel. The forecast has snow and highs in the low 40's for tomorrow when I land back in Denver. As long as we land safe I don't care if it's -30. Everyone will ask me if I'm crazy for wearing shorts, aren't I cold, where is my jacket, etc.

One thing about being in Vegas for my 15th  or so time, I know where everything is at in the area. I know where the least expensive food (non fast food) is located, what times to avoid what congested pedestrian areas and where to find some good deals on trinkets for people back home if I decided to get them something.

I'm on the 27th floor and know my nearest 3 exits. I've done the stairs on the closest so I could find out if there were any obstacles, key card activated doors, stairwell area shifts, etc. Those who travel my plane know it's hard to carry a lot of items to help ensure preparedness, but I do make a  habit of checking out the exits, keeping a bottle of water on hand in case there is a fire an no water pressure to wet a towel for my face, some extra protein bars, etc. I would love to bring my entire get home bag but I would have to remove a lot of stuff before I could check it. I hope to never regret making that decision.

Here are some random pictures from the trip:
 This showed up right when I was leaving the house, so I opened it up for a fast photo. $38 on Amazon, good reviews, I'll give it a go on my carbine.
 Part of the view from my room. I wish I had time to swim that very long pool, but it's a work trip and the pool isn't open at night.
 Good morning Vegas, complete with a bakery on fire. Always interesting what I can see when I'm  up so early.
 Close up, and as always fire is such a devastating yet beautiful thing.
 $16.95 plus tax at the morning buffet, but I did get my load up on protein.... I did treat myself and my coworker and his wife to some ice cream tonight. 4 total scoops, $22.00 and change.
Why won't windows keep the photo orientation I want.... 3 days worth of protein shakes, green veggie shakes and afternoon protein snack bars. Some energy blocks in case I went running, but that just didn't work out with my body.

The city is peaceful tonight, it's about 55 degrees out so most people are staying indoors. The city lights look awesome, the neon looks neat. All I can think about is what would happen in SHTF in a city, especially a city like this.

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