Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Car full of junk food isn't good for working out

I wheeled on over to the in-laws last night after work. I had to pick up all the leftovers from the party, and make sure everything looked good in the backyard.
I now have about 4 cases of soda, 2 massive bag of candy, 6 costco size bags of chips and 50 hamburger buns. I had forgotten than many of the people coming to the party are carb light and picked up enough buns for all the hamburger patties. Silly me, a literal car full of junk/crap food.

I'm going to drop by a rescue mission and see if they will take it all. I don't need this stuff in the house tempting me to eat and drink it all. I like a soda, once a month, and I really don't have room in the food storage for more. If I need to make room for something, I would rather it be something other than mountain dew and potato chips. We put off getting a freezer until next month or I would save all of the buns, they last almost forever and thaw in just a few minutes.

My time at the gym has been very productive. Making an investment in myself with a trainer has worked great. Last night was an hour (yes, 1 entire hour) of 3 minutes jumping rope and then standing lunges for 7 minutes. I had a little trouble walking up the stairs this morning at work but overall the gains I am making are awesome.
I'm a little sad that I'm not running like a fiend, but I have to remind myself all the things I'm doing this winter will benefit the big springtime running push. I'm strong, I can run, and now I'm working on strength training for my core and upper body. Tonight I will run to the gym and workout, so at least I'm keeping my cardio work in maintenance mode. Once the snow falls I'll be up in the hills busting trails in the powder and enjoying my alone time.

I ordered a magpul magazine coupler, red/green dot sight for my carbine and a magpul speed loader. A friend gave me a gift card to Amazon.com for my birthday, it's now depleted, I don't procrastinate on everything.

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