Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fun things behind your computer chair!

I decided it would be fun to get a post up on Saturday in between finishing up yard projects and going to a friends wedding reception.

In my office I have 6 computers and they all work. I was a computer game junkie for many years and I don't like to rely on other people so I would play 6 characters at once, my own party. I no longer play that game and only have one computer active... but that's what I look at in front of me.

Don't keep all of your stuff in one room or spot... something that's nice to remember. If you can't reach a weapon where you are sitting, there isn't any point to have one around.

Here is what's behind me:

 I didn't bother to correct some of these picture, including my .223 spray and pray battle rifle.
 I'm a good shot with a lot of things, including this bow. Notice the awesome broad head arrows. Under the bow, under the foam, I have 8 standard target tipped arrows.
 Chest rig and climbing gear. The chest rig has six 30 round AR-15 magazines (3 on front, 3 on back for the cover person to either  use or hand me), and room for 4 pistol magazines and a pistol. I don't keep those in the rig, they move from downstairs to the get home bag and back again.
 1992 U.S. Armed Forces Champions.. what a great time in my life! It was nice to be the best of the best at something after I stopped drinking my life away. I was going to take this and another patch off this top but just enjoy the memory each time I see it hanging up when I walk in the office door.
 Get home bag, trauma bag, secondary trauma bag, overflow ammo, overflow medical supplies (IV kits, snake bite kit, lidocaine, dust masks, eye wash solution, etc.), 200 feet of climbing rope, a pair of black combat pants. I'm often in shorts at home so I keep a pair of pants upstairs with me for whatever. With all of my climbing gear I can easily rappel out of my window in case of fire or other emergency. I also have several bins of odds-n-ends holsters, hunting stuff, a CB radio new in box still, instruction manuals and stacks of blank paper for the printer.
Top shelf (I love the gorilla racks) holds misc. items. Pictured here would be my boonie hat, shotgun (loaded with alternating slug and 3 ball and 12 more rounds on the case pouch), flexible fragmentation protection vest, a random bright red beanie cap, more target arrows and some books:
Fundamentals of Bowhunting
The Coldest Winter (Korean War)
The Last Stand of Fox Company (Korean War) .... everyone should read this book
Special Men (Vietnam War)
Seal Team Six

I'm now off to a wedding reception (I'm so thrilled, honest) and then I have to pack for Vegas and Mexico (the more I do now, the less I have to do on Friday night). I also have to hit the gym later on tonight. Sometimes I wish I was a slacker so I could have more do nothing time.

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