Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week of things going right

First the deck bench project completed with awesome results.
Our new backdoor installed yesterday, 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Nice steel door with keyed on both sides deadbolt. The way a door should be.
While they were installing the door I made zucchini bread that turned out correctly.
I wasn't feeling positive that it would turn out after the last disaster but the results are awesome. I didn't add enough ginger so it's a little plain but still very yummy. Sometimes I get in a mental glut when things don't turn out correctly. Normally it's only the easy things, the ones we do all the time and are sort of on autopilot.

My pumpkins are going right, it's time to place cardboard underneath to protect the skin as the get bigger. I can actually look at them from day to day and see the size increase. I can't wait to lug a few of them into the mountains and blast away.

Speaking of the mountains, I'm taking my neighbor and her daughter camping this weekend. Camping and the hot springs as a thank you for watching the dogs, house, garden, etc. when we are out playing. We have a spot on the river, so nice to fall asleep to the rushing water sound. I'm debating getting a run in while we are there but I think I'll just enjoy a day off and give my body a much needed break. I'm most likely going to hit 140 miles this month, my body isn't pleased right now but it's managing.

Besides, if you don't push your limits you will never know what they really are.


  1. I've been thinking about the door situation here as well.

    We are still working on getting the house ready to sell, finally got the contractor situation resolved meaning we finally got someone reliable.

    However, the timing is now shot with spring and early summer being the best time to sell and I certainly question whether or not we will even have an economy very soon period

    With that in mind I am now considering reinforcing our doors for the long haul.

    1. With our old house everything is custom and the door cost a ton. We had to have it installed, I'm not going to jack around with it when I don't really know how, it's a door and I need it right and secure, not falling in on the first breezy day.

      Outside swing is of course custom but I don't understand a design that uses an inside swing and takes up room. This particular door opens to the basement stairs (sort of a death trap on it's own) and an inside swing took up 1/4 of the damn stairwell.
      For security reasons, dual side deadbolt with outside swing makes it really hard to break down. Steel makes it really hard to break apart.