Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baking and consruction fails

It's a week already and it's only Wednesday. I can't seem to get my head wrapped around some projects at home and work is in overdrive for a few more days. I plod forward and last night it was finally cool enough to do some baking.
Zucchini bread time! Sugar, brown sugar, flour, baking soda, ginger, cinnamon, eggs, cloves, vegetable oil and of course zucchini. How hard could it be, it's not like I don't make about 50 loaves of whatever quick bread a year.
How about not flouring the pans. Yup, that's a super fail. How about not paying attention and making the chinks of zucchini to big. Super fail #2.

What if it was SHTF and I jacked it up in the solar oven. Well to me it was SHTF at 10pm last night as I looked at the disaster I pulled out when the timer went off. The zucchini shrunk down in the pan and left the upper half of the loaf hollow, the bottom half was mushy and it was stuck to the pan on the sides and bottom. The hell with it, I dug in. If it was SHTF I would do the same thing and I was hungry... this was my dinner and I ruined it. To make this a lesson I won't ever forget I'm going to eat it all. It's pretty gross to be honest even if it tastes awesome. I wont ever forget this lesson, the next time I make it should be perfect.
What makes it worse is I was told "I just cant get past the zucchini, I can really see it, you are on your own."

I had another piece for breakfast, this is sort of a challenge to see if I can eat it all and not throw up over the next week. Lucky for us, we have 4 more baking pans and I will make more later this week, correctly.

We worked on the front deck bench, deciding to add an addition to it for more seating. Everything went great and then I tried to get the back boards cut. It's a simple 45 degree angle cut so the boards meet and look nice. The problem is from the bottom board to the top, they lean back so the 45 degree cut wont make them touch. The 2x4's lean back from 1/4 to 8 inches (at the top) and all I could do was stare at it for a few hours. I can't get my pea brain to figure it out, I tried some sample pieces and ended up making vampire stakes with so many angles, 45 degree left to right, 45 degree front to back, etc. I think we will just make the section a chair, since the only option right now is to take it all apart and waste $15 in 2x4's.

I have great weeks and I have weeks like this. My running is progressing again and it gives me time to think and laugh on my "issues".


  1. hey buddy - sorry i haven't been around, although i have read through your previous posts - our internet has been on the blink for about a week but seems fixed now! anyway, sorry about the epic fails but if i may ask - why on earth are you wasting zucchini making bread?!?!?!?!? make zucchini fritters!!!! i looooooove zucchini fritters and am dying for mine to get to a harvestable size!!! did i mention i love zucchini fritters!!!!

    as for the deck bench - take a pic of what you are trying to do and sen jambaloney an email. he might be able to help. (

    your friend,

    1. I love bread, I can't help but make it. I'm through one pan, more or less, it's a zucchini bread diet.

      I'm glad your internet is better, I figured you were down at the river eating like a couple of Persians. If we decide to move forward on the deck I'll send a picture, I'm stuck at making a chair!