Friday, August 10, 2012

Busy like a bee

When I get overloaded with work and home projects it's just a sweet reminder how good I have it all the other times. It's not a lot, but enough to keep me busy from sun up to sundown and then some. Working about 21 days straight before it's over, if I got paid by the hour I would do that all the time but they know better.

Forecast for Sunday looks cooler so I'm hoping to get all of my veggies canned up. I'm so positive it's going to happen they are out of the freezer and I have the jars in the kitchen. To be fair they are always in the kitchen but they are not covered in baking pans to make it easier. I still wont can the tomatoes so I'm going to start giving them away. The fridge has 8 and I just picked 4 more on the way in from work. Another 60 or so to go and that's only what's green, not what's budding still.

I also found a new addiction. Yogurt Bites, 25 year shelf life, these are vanilla:
I have blueberry but I'm afraid to open 2 cans at once. I have a year to eat these before they hit exp. date but I'm thinking maybe a month if I pace myself. They reconstitute just like yogurt and sort of melt in your mouth. These arrived in a shipment yesterday, I haven't gotten much in the last few months but felt it necessary to stock up on a few things.

We also discovered we are running out of room again, I suppose it's not the best organization but it's how I did it, and I know where everything is at. It's also a disaster to redo everything. Here are a few pictures I snapped today.
 Baking, fruit, beans, beets, sauce, condiments, etc.
 Veggies, meats, home canned, choco milk and booze
 My bucket fort, the pre pack stuff was too good of a deal to pass up
 I'm a fan of the Thrive stuff, 20-25 year shelf life, just have to get it on sale to make sense. Fruit,  baking, eggs, meats, soy meats, oats and rice.
 Veggies, milk, flour, cocoa, etc. 3 deep double and triple stack.
4 tubs of cereal. I know prices are going up so I stocked up some more. There is another rack behind those tubs with first aid, hygene, more baking, matches, etc. I have other racks with paper products, dog food, about 350 gallons of water, more home canned goods, laundry stuff and more. I have my go buckets as well as a bucket full of twinkies and hostess cup cakes and another full of gummy bears and last years holiday candy.
I think I have 4 years worth of stuff for 2 so i feel pretty good.

That's it, have a great weekend. I'm  heading out for a long run to burn some yogurt carb's off.


  1. i am pretty envious of your food storage buddy and have spent quite a few minutes drooling on the screen - impressive! and it all looks well-organized to me. do you keep a list of what you have with dates and such? enjoy your run, ya nutter!

    your friend,

    1. Well organized huh, you are very kind. I would like to get some can racks but they are expensive and I don't feel like building them, so I just stack. The crap part is when you have to move the entire stack to add 1 can to the back and lower row.

      I have the major stuff in a spreadsheet that I print when it's updated. I don't need to know that I have 6 toothbrushes each time I look at the sheet, I don't toss everything in there.

      My run was awesome, today is chill out day and tomorrow is another run. It's kind of nice getting back into the groove after the 3rd hottest summer on record.