Friday, August 3, 2012

New TV series coming out

Here is the link for Revolution on NBC. No more power scenario.

I watched the preview last night on the Olympics and watched it again online. I'm already disappointed.

Everyone looked so clean and perfect, no guns just swords and a crossbow... the usual BS. Let's make an end of the world show where people don't have power, the world collapses and yet makeup is in abundance.

Oh wait, they already made one called falling skies.

I'll DVR it and see if I can manage to learn something or get an idea. Chances are I'll delete the recording settings. Hunger Games sure has people scrambling to get in on the money these kind of shows and movies can generate. Even HG had the right thing delivered from a sponsor at just the right time... Game of Thrones is a great series since the main characters an get killed a anytime, at least that part is realistic, can't anyone learn from that and make a great show?

I know, normal people don't want to see that kind of thing; people fighting over a scrap of food, bodies piled in the streets, disease running rampant, filthy people all over, people with all the guns holding all the power and doing what they want to the general masses.

Can only hope a show like that comes on sometime, might wake a few more people up.

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