Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another neighborhood shooting and more

People have issues, I've had issues... some would say I still do. What drives people to shoot themselves is really beyond me. Perhaps my upbringing made me realize life isn't always easy and you learn from the hardships and thrive.

The guy who shot himself in his car a few hundred feet up the street Sunday morning probably had the whole world dumped on his shoulders and just couldn't take it any longer. Maybe his girlfriend who drove away right before he did it had broke the relationship off and he was going to win her back or kill himself. Who knows really, all I know is crime scene tape all over and a closed road makes for all kinds of people hanging out too close for my comfort zone, in front of my house.
All my neighbors swore they heard the shot, but I doubt it. I know I didn't but my house is a lot more soundproof than people think. I don't know if the guy will live, but he didn't do the job right and they hauled him off in an ambulance. My neighbor friend called and said her oldest daughter is traumatized over it, but she didn't have to stand there watching the EMT's and police officers at work, that's her fault. I've seen a lot worse and when I saw the blood all over the seat of the Land Rover when I went out to run I didn't even care. It's far too sad and selfish, the rest of us just figure a way to deal with problems.
Typing this on Tuesday morning I got a phone call with the details, gossip moves fast. The girlfriend works at a coffee shop up the street, the coffee shop keeps a gun under the counter. Guess what gun the guy used... correct. I bet they won't keep a gun under the counter anymore, not smart to begin with. At least some people will get organs, brain dead on life support until his Mother gets in this morning and then they will finish what he started.
I don't go to the coffee shop. Several bipolar people and one schizophrenic hanging out there all day long is a disaster waiting to happen. I also don't want to know everyone in my neighborhood, I prefer they only know us as the couple who lives behind the big fence with the big dogs and aren't very social.
Sounds great.

In other gun news;
Found a new pizza place that serves real Italian style pizza so we met some friends there and had a nice little dinner, very authentic just like being back in Rome. We wandered down the street for some chocolates and found a nice shop across from a large bar/club. It was early but there was a large crowd of people across the street having a good time, but that's always a warning sign to me. Large number of people in front of a bar can turn from good to bad in seconds. As we ordered our chocolate I kept positioned towards the shop door (that was opened) and suddenly I see several people running across the street screaming at someone standing right next to the shop open door.

I don't know what they are yelling about and I don't care. I see a threat, a major threat heading my way fast and likely very drunk. I thumbed the safety off and waited. Nothing happened, they were trying to get some girls ID that the guy outside the chocolate shop had with him... or at least that's what I could decipher. It was the closest I've ever come to pulling my pistol out in public. I was the only one armed, everyone else wanted to drink so they left the firearms at home or locked up in the car. Designated driver and shooter, at least they have faith in my accuracy and behind the wheel skills!

My life is exciting, even when it's supposed to be calm. I still think I live in a great place, even with a murder-suicide and suicide in the last few months.


  1. ugh. i don't even know what to say. i can't imagine having that happen outside of my house and i can't imagine all of those people that must have been mulling around - very uncomfortable indeed! i am glad that you were well-aware of the situation at the shop...and i am glad that nothing more happened. take care Max.

    your friend,

    1. Like flies to manure, everyone wants to know what's going on and see it in person. The crowd dispersed when some family members showed up and started crying.
      That always makes the fence-gossip neighbors slink away.

  2. Max, sorry it happened near your house. And glad that you were on alert at the shop. Also glad nothing happened.

    On a different note, what is the name of the pizza place? My wife and I come to Colorado Springs pretty often. And we both like good pizza. Just thought I would ask.

    1. Pizzeria Rustica, 2527 W. Colorado Ave, 80904. 719 632 8121
      Make a reservation if it's Fri or Sat night, just like in Europe it's a small join with a small patio.

  3. How stupid for the coffee shop to keep a gun "hidden" under the counter. They'd be better off keeping their workers armed. At least several people will benefit from the death of the guy who killed himself. I feel bad for his mother and his ex-girlfriend. She will probably have feelings of guilt, wondering if there was something she could have done to prevent it. On the other hand, perhaps he would have pulled the gun on her at some point!

    Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory? The first one ever was founded in old town Colorado Springs. I remember that from my last trip to "the springs". Glad you didn't have to pull the weapon out but that you were well enough aware of your surroundings to place yourself in a ready position.

    1. That's the shop, the exact one, you have a great memory. I got some mint thing, just 2 small ones. Normally I get a ton of stuff but I'm trying so hard to be so good.

      I never understood companies that have a weapon under the counter. How often is someone really there, and if you have a gun jammed in your face by a crook are you really going to pretend you have money under there so you can grab it? It's 4 feet away from the register and under the counter.

      Most criminals just want the register cash, so give it to them. The average person wont have situational awareness and wont figure anything out, so just hand over the cash and continue on with life.