Monday, August 27, 2012

Another weekend in the hills

Eventually. This is what we keep telling each other when we get excited about moving into the mountains more. Sure, I do like Colorado Springs, but I'm not really a people person and prefer the quiet solitude that you can only get from 40 acres an hour or more outside of the nearest populated area.

We took our neighbor friends camping and to the hot springs as a thanks for all they do. Saturday night was spent staring at the stars, smiling at laughing and really having a great time doing nothing while the moon danced light off the white chalk cliffs.

I got up early Sunday and took the boys for a walk along the river and let them sniff and mark all kinds of territory. Rock was a super good boy until a couple with a large poodle saw us and tensed up all nervous at the"ferocious pitbull". Rock put on a good bark and whine show and they turned around. I trust my pit more than I will ever trust a poodle... ever. That and he gives me a workout when he decided he wants to do... well whatever he wants to do.

The leaves are changing in the high country, it's going to be an unexpected and furious fall that people are going to be shocked at. Last year the leaves weren't in full color until mid October. Next week is our annual trip to the Ouray and Silverton area, we might have some amazing colors for going early in the season. This trip we decided to use the camper and base camp instead of tenting it each night. It's Rock's first camping trip and we decided we deserve a little easier trip for once. All the usual places will be visited, the glacier lakes will be swam and dust will be in my hair.

I tried to hit Costco last night and do some stocking up but I ended up in a foul mood for really no reason. I made zucchini bread instead, nothing puts me in a good mood like cooking. We had steak, taters' and a garden salad for an early dinner and just crashed in front of the TV.

We will hit Costco this week and spend my $120 rebate check and probably another $200. That's a ton of food storage and prep items. I have a ton of harvesting to get done, more bread to make and freeze and some fall projects to tackle. This will make me feel a little better prepared for the winter months. It's going to be a lot of work, but when it's over sitting back and enjoying/looking at what the sweat equity has produced. It's a nice feeling.

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