Monday, July 2, 2012

Don't piss on the po-po

That's not a typo. The little child across the street took one night off of his seemingly endless party... one night. He held off until 3am and then we called the police, he can't take a hint. After the police told him to keep it down, the party was full force 20 minutes later.
The people were all screaming and yelling, one of them screamed out "let's all piss off the deck". Suddenly a loud voice said, "don't piss on the po-po."
What these children didn't realize, due to lack of situational awareness, was the police drove a block up and walked back to hang out and see how it was going to play out. Everyone there now has citations and will have to show up in court. It's not cheap, about $250 just to show up even if there isn't anything additional or you are just chewed out by the judge.
12 people in the neighborhood are all on alert and the police non emergency dispatch will be called each night they have another party. It's our neighborhood and they can either fit in or get out.

In other news the heat was relentless as usual, still no rain. The fire is 45% contained and everyone was able to go home or at least get into the neighborhoods damaged and see what it's like. I'm watering the crap out of my yard and garden, but I didn't water at all on Saturday and that ended up costing me some new growth on one tomato plant. It might recover, but 24 hours later it's still drooping even with all the water it got..
Zucchini plant on steroids I think

These are turning into monsters too

Corn is looking great, beans are 1 week old

Grabbed 25 cherries from here this morning

Chokecherries are almost ready to snag
  I got a new drop holster this weekend but my pistol isn't big enough and the snap is over an inch away from adding any security so it won't fall out. I'm just not getting lucky with mail order for holsters. My pistol is not petite, it's a full size weapon and this is a really adjustable holster. If I adjust it so the snap secures it, the trigger group is visible and able to get snagged on things. I'm going to play with it for a few days before I send it back, maybe I'm missing something.
I picked this up, it's slick and I'll toss it on my carbine in the next few days. The laser can rotate all around the light and lock in, I'll be able to have it ride close to the barrel so it actually lines up correctly. I'll sight the laser for 50 feet and when I get a reflex sight that will be for a longer distance. The sensor pads will go on the front grip but I'm debating keeping the laser to push button.


  1. Your garden looks great. Thanks for the neighborhood update. It sure sounds like the po-po were doing their job!

    1. Thanks.
      I feel the zucchini plant is blocking a lot of shade but I'm afraid a transplant would kill it. The beets I planted next to it won't grow but it's a small price to pay for an easy vegetable. Lucky the radish row is almost ready to pull or that might get stunted.

  2. I'll second the garden comment. Our zucchini is covering part of a walkway, even though we gave it plenty of room to grow.

    Good work.

    1. I thinned it out yesterday again, but I already decided we will plant it in a different location next year. I looked at the seed pack and it's not monster, huge, etc.
      Then again I did plant 100 pound pumpkins and 30 pound water mellons, why not keep the trend up.