Friday, July 20, 2012

The tragedy of not having a firearm.

Growing up my Dad told me no matter what, defend yourself. Make an effort to defend yourself, don't just get lined up like cattle and get shot one by one. You may die in the effort, but you are most likely going to die anyhow.

Just click yahoo and see the headlines if you don't know what I am referring to here:

How in the world could someone walk into a PACKED movie theater and start shooting people as he walked UP and then back DOWN without getting killed or even shot at. Bulletproof vest... perfect, that mother will still fall even if the vest catches the round (or rounds). It's not a magic blanket, it's only going to offer so much protection from penetration, there is a lot of impact to deal with.

People just don't think it will ever happen to them. Everyone thinks it only happens somewhere else to other people. I don't, I assume it will happen to me. I've had more than 1 nasty confrontation in a movie theater, one to the point the police had to get involved. I don't look for trouble but I go prepared and I always carry when I am in the movies. Fact is, I usually double carry when I'm at the theater. I'm not sure why I started that, but it's just like going to the mall in my mind. We always tell each other what we are packing and know where it's at.

It's a tragedy, I won't wash over that. I'm just dumbfounded more than usual over the mindless population. To the point if I let it, I'll actually be really sad.

In other news, the tree trimming went well. The yard is a lot brighter, the sun is hitting a few new spots and it's brighter in the house when I wake up at 4:30am. Like I enjoy waking up at that hour for no reason, it's just brighter now than yesterday morning. We decided the mulch was too big for our needs, but someone we know wanted it all. The trimming company dumped it where they asked while they were at the store.
They have one car in the garage, the pile starts at the street edge and goes all the way back. I offered to help move it but they are going to put a "free mulch" sign up when they are done with the little they needed. They didn't think it would be so large of a pile, I laughed hard when I drove by looking at this blob-like behemoth mulch pile in the driveway. I'm really glad I decided not to keep it, the size of those chunks are really big for garden mulch.

Have a great weekend. I'm setting up an event for work again and finishing up my projects. The forecast is hot and sunny so I'll work on my tan as I sweat my butt off.


  1. I'm just hoping to find out that law enforcement knew about this idiot before hand and dropped the ball like they have so many previous times with these mass killings.

    1. In the theater we visit, they always have an officer on duty. I assumed they would have them at the other ones as well. Will just have to wait and see how this whole thing unfolds.

  2. It really shocks me when these things happen in public places and nobody is armed to shoot back. I'd be shooting back, that's for sure! And when he was done shooting he just went out and waited for the police. And nobody shot him while he waited? I saw some of the videos. One person holding their camera phone was heard shouting "there's someone with BLOOD!" I don't leave my house without a weapon. Whether it's a religious program or the grocery store, I am armed. I will defend. Glad to know you would too. Looks like a nice pile of mulch. I'd use it under the fruit trees but it's 1000 miles too far away.

    1. The few news reports I read this morning haven't given any more hope. How could people really think it was part of the movie.
      We are going to see the movie on Thursday night with some friends, won't change anything we do unless they add a sign saying no firearms... then I'll wait for it on dvd.

  3. i just feel terrible about the senselessness of it all, and i can't help but think that Matt must be right.

    i wish you were closer - i'd gladly help myself to a truckload of that mulch!

    your friend,

    1. They made a good dent in the pile but it's still blob-like. I figure the free sign will be up by days end.