Thursday, July 19, 2012


I've been fighting some kind of stomach issue that really had me down. An upset stomach is one thing, but this was really painful and it made me change my diet and just about stop eating. I've still been running but it wasn't up to my usual standards since it's hard to do anything when you are not fueled properly. This is a list of things I'm getting done this week/weekend and while it's not all prepping it's still important to have things done.

Tree trimming: The utility company finally trimmed around the lines, today the company we hired showed up and the work is underway. Cleaning up the branches will really help the tree's, let some more sun in the yard, mitigate the fire danger and not have me worry so much when we get a massive wind storm. Bonus is I will have a small pile of wood chips/mulch when I get home this evening.

Carpet: The basement steps are concrete and old so I'm going to put carpet strips on the step tops to make it more comfortable going up and down them without shoes on. I started this project a while ago but summer came on full force and has been running me wild.

Garden: As things are growing and spreading out it's important to route them up and out in the proper direction. I use 10 inch bamboo sticks since I have a bunch of them and I use regular sticks as well. Pumpkin plants take the most work, they can creep out 30 feet so I route mine into a spiral as they grow.
I harvested all of my butter lettuce and my first planting of radishes. Cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers and zucchini rounded out a huge salad last night.

Summer cleaning: It's the same as spring cleaning, a great opportunity to throw things away and simplify living.

Bags: I'm digging into my get home bag and trauma bag to refresh myself on the contents. I like to do this every few months and it's a great time to make sure expiration dates are ok, batteries are good, etc. My IV fluids need to be swapped out in November and I'll change out my lidocaine at the same time.

Food storage: Costco trip is planned for some canned goods and cereal. Corn crops are struggling and oil is up $10 a barrel this week. This means importing and transporting more food so if you can stock up right now, do it.

Hot springs: Not really a project perhaps but I rented a cabin up in the mountains and we are taking the in-laws up next weekend. They will drop us off about 20 miles up the mountain and then head to the hot springs. We will run down while they relax and then all gather up for a massive 5000 calorie or more lunch followed with some high altitude off road adventures.

Mexico: Dive trip is set for October, just have to snag some plane tickets this weekend.

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