Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Running with a legend

My phone blew up last night with messages about an early morning run. It was already 6:30pm and I was heading out for my normal nightly pain and suffering but I'm a little brutal on myself and agreed. 4:15am came early and I'm not sure I got much sleep at all, but I'm a trooper and headed up the interstate for 30 minutes.
I've mentioned my friend Diane VanDeren a few times but this was the first time I have gotten to run with her in a long time. She just finished a 1000 mile run and isn't training for anything so we just enjoyed each other and talked about all kinds of things. 2 hours later we were back at the cars and I headed home to shower and work, she went out for another lap (a much faster lap without me).

I had such a great time that I'm going to try and make it a weekly adventure, she never has anyone to run with, most people are intimidated when she invites them, or not morning runners. I'm not a morning runner, it was a fight with my entire body the entire time but I feel awesome now.
5:20AM sunrise, blurry like my vision was
Here are shots from the garden this morning before I left.
Guarding the zucchini, measured over 4 feet and it's ground level, not box top

and you thought they only measured horses in hands

This is just one of 4 plants, over 50 ready to turn red
Gardening and running all before 7am. I canned some ground beef last night right before bed and tossed some cooked beef in the freezer. It's great when you don't have a lot of time and still want some browned beef in your spaghetti sauce.

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