Wednesday, July 18, 2012

People don't want free things?

Register here to win X.
Simple enough to do, many people fill out stuff without giving a thought as to what is happening with their information.
I do this for various promotions at work, usually working with other vendors that will be at the event, or local places that fit in with the event type/activity.
It took 12 different people before we gave a $20 Chipolte gift card away. No one is selling anything, I shred all of the info for people who don't win, no one gets calls or emails unless they win. It's just a thanks for stopping by the event. The sign even says so when they are filling the entry card out.

I have 3 x $20 Chipolte gift cards, 2 x $50 local running store gift cards and 1 $50 Whole Food gift cards that I just can't seem to give away. The only catch is you have to get in touch within a week of the phone call and/or email. If someone has given me their name, email and phone number... I suppose it's a stretch to think they would actually want whatever they won.

Send me a real email from a local business telling me I won something I should remember signing up for a few days ago... I'm all over it. Then again, I'm not normal, I like free stuff.

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  1. as I am so fond of saying...."if it is is for me"