Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another mountain picture adventure

I rented a cabin off in the woods and we headed out for a long weekend. We dragged the in-laws and invited a couple we met about 6 months ago and just hadn't been able to connect for anything. The cabin really was a small house without a lot of fancy furnishings... perfect. The backyard was a huge meadow with tall aspen trees and a river that was a little bit low but filled out nicely with a bunch of rain that hit later in the day.
The place was for sale and I was actually thinking about what needed to be done if we decided to buy it. The work I noticed wasn't too hard, but there was a lot. The growing season there is very short and if the river really swelled up you would easily lose a lot the backyard. Pass, not the time and certainly not the place. After a nice long Saturday morning run at 10,000 feet we headed up into the hills.

Bunkhouse from an early 1900's mining operation

Standard alpine meadow, around 13,000 feet

Typical stream in a mining community

Meadow that once contained a town in the early 1900's, edge of a gold mine

Road in the distance was our destination

Looking back at the top of said road

We rolled into the home last Sunday night and fell asleep listening to the rain and thunder.

Monday I strolled into my office and noticed a bunch of stuff was missing. I share an office with 6 people, 2 whom I trust completely. I made a sign and hung it up: "Do not steal, this isn't yours."
Fairly simple and to the point and I headed out for about 3 hours of driving. When I returned not only was the signed moved some but the stuff under it had been pawed over again. It's not the stuff, but the principal of people taking things that don't belong to them even if I give the stuff away to customers.
Addition to the sign: "I fucking mean it. I will fire you!"
An hour later when I came back everything that was missing was placed back into the box. It's silly I have to resort to such childish behavior but apparently it's the only language people can understand. I know who did it but can't prove it, perhaps the message was received crystal clear.

If they would have asked, I would have given them one of the little plastic frisbee discs. .20 cents isn't worth getting fired over... to me.


  1. If they'll steal something that cheap, what else will they steal?

    Nice photos.

    1. Thats my big issue, I have 2 laptops I use and leave in the office, plus thousands of dollars in other tech gear and promotional materials.

      Word around the office is I'm a jerk for making the sign. My word around the office is 'tough'.

  2. Isn't it amazing that a place where an entire town was has almost no trace of people living there? It could have been hundreds or thousands of people and then they are gone. Did you look around to find the cemetery or dump?

    Thank you for the package. I don't know when it arrived but was at the office when I showed up today.

    1. I can't get enough of checking out mines and old towns, etc. There was only 1 grave that we found, probably the only one that had good money spent on it originally.
      The current background picture is around 12,000 feet and that wood is the remains of a cabin. I really feel that I lived during that time.

      You are welcome for the package, it made me feel good to help out.