Sunday, November 2, 2014

Crackling of a fire.

It's starting to snow, again, and that's alright by us. We have the fireplace going and it's about 75 inside. Truth be told, I'm about to combust but at least the bedroom is cool and I can go outside and dodge sleet/snow.

Here is the weekend in pictures!

Rock, as many of you know, isn't he best with people and dogs. We accept that, everyone is different and we don't force things with him. When he needs his nails done, we pay up at the vet since they are the only people who he lets touch his paws. Almost 18 months in a kennel with a concrete floor will change the way anyone feels about their feet.  So his pedicure is every 2 months and runs $42 mainly for his dew claws, the rest are usually fine with all the hiking we do. We had no visitors for candy at the cabin, I'm not sure if the Amish celebrate the holiday and they are the only ones with kids in a 1 mile radius. I did see them cutting down some tree's for firewood and then taking a break to talk on the cell phone... lol. Not judging, they live a simple life in comparison but it still makes me chuckle.
Broke down and purchased a TV for the cabin, it's a "smart" tv. I almost hit it with a sledgehammer after two tech support calls. The router is 25 feet away and they said it's too far, the wireless in the TV sucks. It also won't play from the iPad since the input cable is a converter cable. I asked tech support if they could send me some 1980's technology to use with my 2015 TV.
Returning it tomorrow. &^%$%$#@!
 Saturday wasn't too bad, the storms would hit and leave, playing tag with Rock and I as we hiked around. We got in 4 hikes, about 6 miles total and I even grabbed a run. The few people who were out and about looked at me like I was insane. Running, and running in the mountains. I'm back running 4 days a week and the gym 3 days, I am enjoying the pain and misery again that working out brings. Health and fitness is overlooked by many, but living at 8500 feet on the weekends quickly shows you weak points. My weak point is hydration, easy to fix but hard to maintain for some reason.
 We ended up with about 40 pounds of green tomatoes, so it's salsa season. Here is the first batch, it came out pretty good but a little thicker than we would have liked.
 Since one of us works on Saturday, I was bored and hungry waiting for a late dinner (BBQ pork chops and garlic olive oil asparagus) so I made pumpkin chocolate brownies. They are very spongy, sort of like a cake, definitely my new go to snack. They are healthier than the usual brownies I make and since we aren't giving up carbs or sugar anytime soon, we do a lot of experimenting with baking.
Everything above was on Saturday, today is Sunday and we are listening to some bluegrass, watching the snow move in and out. We made scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins to start the day and Rock went out for a hike.
It's salsa time again, this one ended up 8 jars instead of 6, each batch is a little different. We always use 8 jars for prep, just in case there is enough, I hate running out of jars when the ladle is still doing up full. This batch is a little spicier and puts us at 17 jars of Salsa so far out of at least 60 we will end up making.


  1. Maybe you should get a satellite dish. It costs about a hundred a month for a good package but it gives you good reception except during storms. I thought, when I read your comment at my place, that you had gotten Dish or Direct TV, but I get the idea now.

    You must eat a hell of a lot of Salsa between the two of you.

    1. We have a sat dish, hughesnet, but the connection this weekend was horrible. I'll give it another shot, and we will get an Apple TV so perhaps that will help. If the connection stays crappy I'll end up getting Direct TV. I spoke with the neighbor and he said they have no issues with Direct TV.

      I just need to be patient for another week.

  2. Our Malanois has similar issues, so the vet brings us in the back door.

    1. I really like Rock's larger than life personality, one day I'll get a picture of him and his hannibal lector muzzle. We got it in case he injures a paw or gets a pokey in a pad.

      As long as we know how our dog/dogs react to other animals, situations and/or people, we can control a lot of the encounter. We did just get him a bright orange harness with NO DOGS printed all over it. It help me save my breath when we run into off leash people.