Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The guilt of standing still

or sitting still, that's probably a better term. I feel really guilty when I'm not doing something productive, it's not getting any better the older I get. Funny how the brain works, as always.

This weekend saw us get away to the cabin for some last minute winter preps, and sure enough winter is here with a swift kick in the ass. 18 degrees before wind chill, blowing slow and crappy drivers. What more could one ask from the winter season.

The moon was amazing on Saturday night so we did a late night hike with Rock. It's nice to get some backpack training in, even if it's at night. That prevents people from seeing us and asking questions, most people aren't out past 6pm in the winter, so we can wear whatever gear we want. Walking backwards for 1/4 a mile isn't an easy thing, you need to be shoulder to shoulder with whomever is walking forward otherwise it's a move and cover scenario. Anyhow, it's nice to take a stroll in such a beautiful area, armed to the teeth.

Here is Rock and I, patiently waiting for the pancakes to be done. This was after a bright and early wakeup and hike. I felt guilty sitting there so I got the table set, the syrup out, etc. Once we ate it was off to town for some Cilantro so we could make some more salsa.
This batch had more red tomatoes so it wasn't as "green" and I added a few extra hot peppers. I ended up making this batch alone and opted to send the "help" to clean the garage, start the ATV's, put a new garage door seal on, hook up the ATV trailer, etc. I constantly have projects to do, even if nothing actually needs to be done. As soon as the jars were pulled out of the hot water bath, I put my boots on off I went.
I picked up almost 3 loads of wood from under the power lines, I'm not sure why people just let it sit there, everyone in the area has partial wood heat. We didn't get it cut and split, but it's in t he yard and available if needed. We figured that was better than nothing, or having it sit on the roadside under a snowbank. The chainsaw will be out on the next nice day so we can get it cut and split.

I'm heading down tomorrow afternoon to see how the first big snow shaped up. We are both really excited to spend time there while there is snow all over. Hiking and running in the snow is something we both love.

Here in town it's a lot of work activity, running and gym time. I was able to do 5 reps @ 250 on the incline bench last night and tonight I might be able to do a new front squat record. I did have a big lunch at Chick-Fil-A, but I refused to get the food for free (Veterans Day and all). I get the 'thank you' part, but prefer people help others out who actually need the help. Besides, I was just a "cook", I'll let the hero worship go to people who want it.

3 cheers to fellow vets.


  1. No such thing as "just a cook", Max. Those of us who endured (and survived!) chow halls can attest to that. :)

    1. I've discovered that when people normally ask me what I did in the Army, they really don't care unless the reply was green beret, SF, 101st, etc.
      I don't remember exactly when, but I just started telling people I was a cook. This way we can move on to hopefully meaningful conversation instead of trying to help them live out some fantasy.

  2. My husband and I just moved to the Springs, and originally wanted to go to Westcliffe. We would love to have your email to visit about your cabin. If you feel comfortable. Otherwise, I love your posts.

    1. maxincoloradosprings @ gmail.com
      I'm heading down this afternoon to hopefully get some photo's before it gets dark. Unless we are the only ones who got snow. Either way, it won't be a wasted trip.