Sunday, November 16, 2014

Do you sleep in?

I slept in this morning since I was alone this weekend. I suppose that's what it would be called. 05:30 I was staring out the bedroom door trying to get the fire going with mental powers. That obviously didn't work so I just pulled the comforter up and lay around thinking what fun projects I would do today. I actually let myself lay around until 07:30 when the sun started to lift over the trees. It was -1 degree outside.

Yesterday I went for a run in shorts and a t-shirt. I had sun, wind, snow and hail to battle but overall it was an amazing run. There wasn't any snow on the road or trail. This is what the cabin property looked like around 14:00:
This morning told a different story when I opened the bay window curtains.
 No problem, I needed another workout (actually I need to give myself a break but I just can't). I got the fire going, made some tea (black tea and carob) and grabbed a quick breakfast. I spent an hour shoveling and getting the car cleared of snow, it was about an 8 inch accumulation but was fluffy for easy work. It warmed up to 4 degree's but it didn't matter as I worked up a good sweat.
All done, time to get some more cardio! Grabbed my pack and headed out to enjoy the beauty of snow. This spot is always beautiful, the sideways tree is healthy it just grew that way. I think it makes for a great backdrop, we will probably get someone to take our picture there eventually.
 On the left is Mount Humboldt and right center is Colony Baldy.
 I was hunting wabbits! I think everyone hunkers down when it snows, and that's a perfect time to get out and enjoy nature without people (or tire tracks).
 Looking West. The roads aren't all maintained so people tend to contribute to a communal plow vehicle that stays at the end of the roads. We would have already had the entire thing plowed but I think they only use it in really deep snow since this plow hasn't move the last 2 storms.
 Same two mountains as above. You can see that the wind doesn't mess around up on the ridge and it was around -4 degrees with windchill where I was standing. I had to take off my hat as I was overheating going uphill but when I turned around and went downslope I needed it again.
 You can see that someone dared interrupt my alone time and made tire tracks. They didn't know what to think of me but we both waved hello anyhow. I didn't use the tire tracks, that's too easy. Yes, I know the patterns don't match but I'm not trying to make a fashion statement, just layer correctly. I could always break out the snow camo and winter ghillie suit....
Back home! I found a white and gray cat near the woodshed as I stalked my own property line. There is plenty for a cat to eat around here and they help keep the rodents down. If it becomes a cat invasion, that will change our thinking.

We hope everyone is enjoying Sunday. There is the second batch of salsa for the day getting ready to be canned, pumpkin brownies need to get made, laundry done and then it's elk burgers for the tummy! I also have a date with a foam roller.


  1. I love to sleep in when it's cold especially. I get up too early all Summer, Winter is my time of slumber :)

    1. It's even harder for me in the summer when it's light out early. I could stay up late and still be ready to go.

  2. Cats are good to have around. They don't just keep vermin down, they kill snakes. Of course, the outdoor cat mortality rate is pretty high.

    1. The mortality rate of an indoor cat and Rock having a meeting is higher. I assume the cat's I've seen are just used to being outside, the farm 2 miles down the road seems to have a cat or two in the yard each time I drive by. I figure that's the hive.

  3. Replies
    1. Eberlestock Gunslinger 2. This one is a few years old, the newer ones have an internal and partial external frame but I don't feel like upgrading. It's the most comfortable pack I've ever strapped on and of course the rifle sheath is awesome.